Oneness and the Unified Field

by Gregg Braden -
Almost universally, ancient texts and traditions say to us, in the language of their time, that we are part of all that we see, that we are related through a Force to the events of our world, to one another, to the processes within our bodies and the Cosmos and beyond. 

In our most sacred traditions, this Force is described as all-powerful, something that permeates all of Creation. It's not "out there" somewhere. It is a part of ourselves as well as a part of all that we perceive.

Now Western science, beginning in about 1993, through accredited academic and scientific institutions, has performed experiments with unexpected — and in some cases very surprising — results, experiments demonstrating that the ancient tenets appear to be true. 

In these experiments, the only way that the curious and bizarre behavior of nature and particles in the subatomic world, the quantum world, could be explained was if those particles were all connected through a previouisly unrecognized Force.

So what's happening right now, in the early years of the 21st Century, is that Western science is moving toward accepting the ancient idea of this unity field that links all of Creation.

Some scientists are calling this field Nature's Mind. Some scientists are calling it the Mind of God (a famous name given to it by Stephen Hawking in his book A Brief History of Time.) Many researchers now are calling it the Quantum Hologram.

This unity field, this Quantum Hologram, responds to the things that we do and the way we think and feel. 

It allows us as individuals to participate in the events of our lives rather than feeling hopeless as we stand by and watch the world teeter on the brink of war, or watch our loved ones succumb to illness and diseases that we really don't understand.

Western scientists now not only identify this field but they give it characteristics.

They say that this field appears to be everywhere, all the time, a form of energy that's already present rather than being generated in one place and transmitted somewhere else.

It's everywhere all the time and appears to have been with us since Creation began, what physicists called the "Big Bang".

So it's always been here, it's everywhere all the time, and it also appears to have what Western scientists are now calling "intelligence."

It appears to be an intelligent field in that it responds to the language of coherent human emotion. Except for the language, this field sounds very similar to what the ancients called God.

The language the Unified Field seems to speak is that of coherent emotion.

Let's say for example we come to work on a Monday morning and we just had a terrible weekend with our family, and we've lost a loved one.

Life has not gone very well, and we're feeling all that on one level. And a co-worker asks us how our weekend was, and we answer, "Oh, it was fine".

What's incoherent emotion? It's the kind of emotion we experience when we are feeling one way, thinking another way and expressing something different from either our thoughts or our feelings. 

Because we don't want to talk about it, we end up blocking ourselves from having a coherent feeling and a coherent emotion.

We're not being honest, so we do not have our emotions aligned with our thoughts, feelings, and expression.

Coherent emotion happens when what we are thinking, feeling, and expressing are all in alignment. 

When we have coherent emotion, it can be measured and documented that there also are effects that extend beyond our bodies.

For example, if we prayed for our loved one to be healed, but we were thinking it probably wasn't going to happen and feeling fear of loss, then that prayer would not be speaking the "language" of the Quantum Hologram.

But in the same example, if we feel and think that our loved one is already healed — or in the example of praying for peace, that peace already exists in our world — that triggers a series of processes in our bodies.

First, it creates a chemical shift, a shift in the pH levels, i.e., the alkalinity and the acidity in our blood stream. And it changes the hormonal levels of our body.

The life-affirming hormone precursor DHEA, for example, increases over 100 percent in our bodies in the space of only six hours in the presence of coherent emotions of appreciation and gratitude.

By contrast, the life-depleting hormones like cortisol, the stress hormone, decrease over 23 percent in that same six hours in the presence of incoherent emotion.

So we know that emotion is triggering processes within our bodies and now we know that those processes have quantum effects that extend beyond our bodies into our families, into our communities, into the societies that surround us. 

So it is through coherent emotion that we affect the Unified Field or the Consciousness Grids in a purposeful way.

If we are the Earth, if we are the Force, it follows that when Earth goes through changes — for example, when the magnetics of the Earth change — our bodies are going to change, as well.

In other words, these kinds of changes are having direct effects upon our perceptions of space and time, upon our relationships, our romances, our careers, our sleep patterns and how we view ourselves in relation to one another.

All of those things are affected by changes in the Earth.

And I think most of my readers will agree that each of us is experiencing, at least to some degree, changes in our personal lives, right now, that are reflecting the kinds of changes that are going on in the Earth at large.

In the language of the ancients and our most cherished spiritual traditions, faith moves us into a "space," where we can affect the forces of Nature around us and bring about the kinds of changes in our world that we call miracles.

Or as Western science would put it, coherent human emotion produces a chemical change in our bodies and that chemical change has quantum effects that extend beyond our bodies and bring about changes in our physical world (and now it's no longer a "miracle").

But if we were going to make a flow chart of these two ways of describing what happens, the flow chart would be the same for the scientific and the traditional world view.

In the Essene texts and in the Hebrew and the Christian texts, the way that this is described is:
That when thought, feeling, and emotion become one — in other words, when they are all aligned — then we say to the mountain, "Move!" and the mountain moves.