5 Ways To Banish Life Limiting Beliefs

Are Unconscious Beliefs Holding You Back?

Before the age of five, pretty much everything we hear and experience is sucked up like a vacuum cleaner. Our brains, at that age, operate mainly in what scientists call theta waves. It’s similar to REM sleep or hypnosis and works beautifully for picking up language, family nuances, and other things useful for making our way in the physical world.
As I explain in my new book, E-Cubed, this mental, emotional and physical framework is the programming that runs our lives. It’s very useful when driving a car (imagine trying to relearn from scratch every time you get behind a steering wheel) or brushing our teeth but it wreaks havoc on our connection to the higher realms. By relying on these “memes” or cataloged lessons from your family, your culture and your past, you miss the teeming energy available in the atomic now. 
There is great substance within each present moment, just waiting to explode with goodness, magic and blessings.
But by reapplying old, often inappropriate “cultural paradigms,” you miss the magic—you completely overlook all the life-empowering data that’s trying to stream to you from your inner, nonphysical self. This traps you in a web of defensive, limiting perceptions. In fact, anytime we’re not in the present moment, that tape loop kicks in and old constrictions and perceptual habits take over, infecting our thinking, our actions, and our beliefs. They’re also a son of a bitch when attempting to be happy or manifest our dreams.
None of these habits of thought are true but because they stay buried for the most part, living in our subconscious like rats in the cellar, they subtly play out in our life experience anytime we’re not “in the now.” 
My friend Jay calls them BS—belief systems full of that other kind of BS. Unfortunately, these are the programs we use to explain, identify and cope with our lives. They run most of the time even when we’re affirming and intending other things.
Here are 5 of the most popular memes from Worldview 1.0, memes that you might as well as long as you’re armed and actively fighting, take Beyoncé’s advice and “put a ring” on them. Since you’re already in a committed relationship with them anyway. Each meme is followed by a Truth from Worldview 2.0, a Truth guaranteed to take the Mickey right out of your old beliefs.

1. Meme: The world is a menacing place. Our job is to put on our armor and work like hell to stay one step ahead of the terrorists, the supergerms, the dysfunctional stepmoms and of course, the zombies.
Worldview 2.0: There is nothing to fear. As A Course in Miracles repeatedly tells us, “We lay a heavy load upon ourselves with our insane beliefs that pain and sin are real. Pain is purposeless, without a cause and with no power to accomplish anything.”
2. Meme: Life happens to me. “I’m an innocent bystander, a pitiful victim of circumstance, of weather, of disease, and, worse, of my own dysfunction. External events (those things from meme #1) constantly get in my face. The best I can do is learn to cope with these external events.”
Worldview 2.0: Life emanates from me. “I create the world with my thoughts, my beliefs and my energetic frequency.”
3. Meme: Events happen; therefore, I feel bad. Most of our thoughts and feelings are programmed by the culture in which we are raised. We are trained at a very early age what makes us happy, which feelings go with which events, and how our moods should play out. We are trained to experience unhappy emotions, to blame these feeling on outside events, and to cry and moan about the unfairness of it all. We are trained not to expect good things. 
In fact, all responsible people know that “shit happens.” We are trained to worry about letting people down, being disliked, getting sick, being poor. We’re trained to worry about pathogens, carcinogens, microwaves, plastic containers, preservatives, using mobile phones, and on and on.
Worldview 2.0: Without this training, joy is my natural state. As Esther Hicks, author and inspirational speaker, once asked, “How come we only erect statues to war heroes? Where’re the statues of surfer dudes?”
4. Meme: God is an entity outside of me. “Lowly ‘little ole me’ must appeal to His Majesty’s benevolence, with fingers crossed that He’ll somehow find time for me, a doubtful proposition, being as He’s tied up fighting world hunger.” 

Worldview 2.0: God is a state of being, a loving energy that flows through me, sustains me, and surrounds me with light. Although it's impossible to define or put into words, this “Radiant X,” as poet Stephen Mitchell calls it, is the unnameable reality that causes everything to exist.

5. Meme: I have to do everything myself. Work, strive, keep on keeping on.

Worldview 2.0: The only thing I have to do is follow my joy. The universe will take care of everything else. Limitation and lack is a story we made up, no more real than the Easter Bunny. Trying to force and manipulate reality is counterproductive in the new paradigm. Although the universal field is invisible (making it a lot harder to trust for some folks), it’s actually far more tangible and powerful than forcing and grunting and groaning will ever be. By stepping back and connecting with the power of the universe, everything unfolds with ease and grace.

Click here to try a free energy experiment from E-Cubed - The Red Pill Corollary - and see evidence that you attract what you think about.
--Pam Grout

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Key Components Towards Higher Consciousness

Facing considerable political, economic, social and ecological crises, the human race is desperate for a transformation and a new direction. Business as usual ensures that we are doomed to run a course of half-conscious self-destruction, as man-made catastrophes multiply and stress mounts in every aspect of life. We must overthrow our ignorance, as it has become a fearful master, goading us into war, pollution, waste and exploitation.
The social problems and entrenched patterns at the source of global issues are too vast and complex to be solved at the personal level, yet, paradoxically, the personal transformation of the individual offers a lonesome opportunity to avert the catastrophes we are engineering for ourselves. Human consciousness has a critical role to play in our collective destiny and there is a seismic shift occurring here that is creating a rising class of conscious people better equipped than ever to deal with such a chaotic environment.
The shift. It is the dramatic re-ordering of one’s psyche, producing changes that greatly benefit the body, mind and spirit. 
It is marked by considerable expansion of awareness of the inner spaces of mind and heart and of the inter-dependent nature of all things. It is a reconstruction of one’s life and purpose rebuilt on a foundation of truth, peace, strength and flexibility, and it is brought about by a laborious and sufferable process of reflection and self-realization. 
The end result of the shift is the experience of a new, world-centric perspective on life, the reclamation of mental and physical health and the discovery of the strength, courage and fearlessness needed to wade through these interesting times.
Personal evolution is both the great duty and the great joy of all human beings and is a process of divine significance, frequently unfolding in overlapping stages and related developments. 
Here are 9 key components of the shift commonly experienced by evolving people, not necessarily occurring in a particular order.
1. Contemporary Consciousness – The mass consciousness of production, consumption, submission and nihilism is where the shift begins. This is the consensus trance that we have been programmed to accept as real life, while obediently serving our worst interests without examination or question. Contemporary consciousness is acquiescence to insanity for the sake of convenience. Breaking through contemporary consciousness is to strike the very root of our global dilemma. Numb, drugged, and senseless, this level of consciousness is a psychic plague blotting out our potential.
2. A Disturbance in the Force – Like a canary in a coal mine, a warning appears from somewhere, grabbing our attention, rattling our confidence, pulling us out of our tunnel vision. Some small piece of information gathered from the alternative press or from a documentary film eats at our understanding of how the world is set up, and the shift begins. This sets the stage for a deep and serious personal crises to erupt, and often engages a ferocious drive for knowledge and truth.
3. An Introspective Quest for Knowledge & Truth - Knowledge and information are the fuel for personal transformation. Once awakened, our natural draw towards truth and justice calls us to consider new ideas and outside perspectives as we search for a new bearing in a crumbling understanding of the world. Introspection reveals answers to never-before asked questions and the accompanying interest in ‘alternative’ information and ideas provides answers that profoundly contradict contemporary consciousness. Once this quest is initiated the world never again looks the same.
4. The Dark Night of the Soul – The disturbance begins to conflict with contemporary consciousness so severely that the amount ofcognitive dissonance required to adhere to the status quo life manifests materially as serious personal mental and physical health crises. The foundation for this catastrophic and catalyzing series of events has been under construction for most of life up to this point, and as such, the mind, body and spirit can be forced to endure unimaginable lows as the entire sum and meaning of one’s existence is smashed and broken to pieces under the weight of one’s denial about their complicity in their own self-destruction.
This is the ultimate test. To pass it one must endure the pain to the ultimate degree, and simply not give up. For many, the dark night of the soul lasts for years, marking the most serious, frightening and life-changing phase of life. Succumbing to the suffering here means giving in to total annihilation and choosing the path of serious self-deceit, total submission to ego and to false authority, addiction, reckless endangerment of the self, suicide, overdose, etc.
5. Discovery of Real Medicine – Something helps us through this crisis by easing the pain of our suffering, gently re-building positive energy and providing sufficient distraction while the body and spirit begin to reclaim health. Medicine here is not pharmaceutical, but therapeutical, and can come in the form of an artistic endeavor or exercise, or better yet, an intense study of an esoteric healing physical art like Qi Gong, Yoga,Kung Fu, meditation, and so on. Medicine may also be found amongst healers, therapists, shaman, or even plant medicines like Ayahuasca and Iboga. Finding the activity or experience that nudges you away from the brink of destruction and towards healing is a critical component of the shift.
6. Purification and Detox – Along the quest for knowledge we discover the toxic nature of our processed and sedentary lifestyle and realize the need for detox and purification. Learning about fluoride, heavy metals, GMO’s and the poisons in our food reveals the link between our emotional state, stress levels, well-being and conscious awareness. A new relationship with food is developed and taking care of the body and health gradually becomes easier.
Our toxic environment also includes our social atmosphere and here we are compelled to tune out of mainstream media, conversation and logic, purging ourselves of the garbage that so many people consider important. Our consumption of mainline ideas is reduced and our mind regains a footing of independence in a sea of sensationalized conformity.
7. Re-thinking of Authority, Dependence and Liberty – As the detox pushes older versions of the self out of the way, rejuvenating the psyche, a new picture of the self emerges in a world that no longer looks anything like it did before. The designs of control and manipulation governing our social institutions and traditions are rightfully exposed as farcical constructs that deter our evolution, while modern politics and government are understood to be laughable traps of dependence and deceit and therefore no longer beneficial to positive growth. The people that invest their lives and identities in these schemes seem desperate and needy of purpose, fanatical and outrageously too certain and too serious about life.
Non-conformity and non-compliance become moral obligations and liberty is revalued to include freedom from living in the fear-based consciousness offered as the default way of life. Ordinary people seem strange now in how they self-organize into ridiculous pecking orders, squabbling for position at work and submitting to any ‘authority figure’ with a badge and cheap uniform. It becomes clear that freedom has less to do with laws and more to do with voluntary submission, and liberty becomes a constant struggle to decrease dependence on the systems that complicate life.
8. Letting Go of and Discarding that Which Does Not Serve – In order to move through the process of transformation, it is absolutely necessary to jettison the things, people, relationships, habits, and ideas which no longer serve and support us. Human beings energetically interact with the objects and people in our environment, and eliminating and purging sources of stagnant energy and negativity creates space for new experience and inspiration to enter and flow into life. This is one of the most renewing components in this transformation.
9. Initiation into Mystery - Material science and mainstream thought exclude forms of mystery and paranormal activity from consideration in our culture, therefore making an initiation into the world of the unexplainable a common feature of the shift. For some reason, as a person changes in this fashion, strange and fascinating events occur that chip away at the certainties that support consensus material reality.Synchronicities emerge and moments of clarity give greater meaning to the mundane. Awareness of the subtle life force energy, Qi or Prana, develops, and ancient modalities of thought and concentration elicit strangely powerful revelations. Once the veil of the rigid scientific mindset is pierced, intuition and curiosity flourish and one re-assesses the potential in all things and in all circumstances, abandoning certainty in favor of wonder. Life becomes at sacred, as it should be.


The shift is nothing short of total personal revolution and signals the re-organization of the mind and psyche for the benefit of the individual and the collective. It is about remembering who we are and overcoming the momentous inertia of the self-destructive programming in our modern world.
Coming to extra-ordinary consciousness and awareness from the depths of the contemporary trance that sickens so many people is a process compelled by both natural forces and personal will and is part of our unique journey towards individuation, freedom, and happiness in this amazing world at this incredible time.

About the Author
Dylan Charles is a student and teacher of Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Qi Gong, a practitioner of Yoga and Taoist esoteric arts, and an activist and idealist passionately engaged in the struggle for a more sustainable and just world for future generations. He is the editor of WakingTimes.com, the proprietor of OffgridOutpost.com, a grateful father and a man who seeks to enlighten others with the power of inspiring information and action. His remarkable journey of self-transformation is a testament to the power of the will and the persistence of the human spirit. He may be contacted at wakingtimes@gmail.com.

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Transforming Doubt, Activating Joy

Behind every genius idea, act of courage, work of art, budding love relationship and step into the unknown, doubt lurks. Following an ahha moment where the clouds of confusion part and we see with clear awareness, there often comes a time of questioning. 

Self-doubt can make you feel as if you are inwardly divided and at odds with what you know to be your truth. Your creative, inspired and intuitively insightful spirit and your cautious, fear based ego mind seem to be at war with one another. Which one you listen to and act from, depends in part of your past experiences and your self-awareness.

Doubt traps us in a small and dark corner. 

A form of judgment, doubt arises when we expect certain outcomes. For years I wanted to write a book. I had a lot of ideas but whenever I started to write them down I doubted my abilities. I would torture myself with questions like: What if I failed? What if I spend months and maybe years writing a book and I cannot get it published? What if no one reads it or likes what I write? 

My expectations were high. If I wrote a book I wanted it to be published, read and successful. Doubts plagued me.

Lacking the conviction that I could be a successful writer, I turned my attention to other areas. I devoted myself to becoming a better and more accurate intuitive and medium and increasing my clientele. I also worked part time as an art therapist at a treatment center for troubled youth. 

It was in this unlikely environment that my fears and anxiousness about writing was transformed. 

A large part of my work as an art therapist involved creating stories. To keep the young people engaged and participating I had to creatively dig deep. When they enthusiastically engaged with one of my tall tales, usually an outrageous and ridiculous one, I quickly wrote it down. Hopeful that the next class would also find it as interesting, 

I began to write without noticing that I was writing. No longer feeling pressure to perform and be successful, my relationship to writing changed. Writing, I realized, helped me to feel alive, vibrant and full of energy. It was a transcendent experience where all of me came together with passion and purpose.

The dread of publishers, others opinions and my own perfectionist self-judgment began to fade and be less important. Writing was no longer felt like a choice. I wrote for my soul, it was the elixir that I needed to feel fully alive.

If doubt is plaguing you here are a few suggestions:

  • Take a break and get away from the project or issue that you feel doubtful about.
  • Do something that helps you to feel confident and happy, It doesn’t matter what it is. Go for a walk, play your favorite sport, listen to music, watch a good movie or go to a museum.
  • Be honest about your expectations. Ask yourself the following questions. What are my expectations? Are they realistic? Am I expecting too much of myself?”
  • Be with others who love and encourage you.
  • Share your feelings with someone that you can trust and who is supportive. Be careful not to confide in those who may have their own doubts and a negative perspective. Learn how to take care of yourself and share your dreams with those who have followed theirs.
  • Be with those who uplift you and will love you for who you are.
  • Listen within, for what is right for you.
  • Spend some time alone. Listen to your heart and your gut. Ask yourself: “If I knew that I would succeed and that everything is possible what would I do?
  • Trust your intuition.
  • Make plans and take baby steps.
  • Write down a plan for what you would like to accomplish and experience. Break it down into manageable steps. Give yourself small daily and weekly goals. Celebrate your progress. 
  • If you begin feel doubt take a time out. 
  • Refocus on what you have accomplished and what your next steps will be.
  • Give it your all and remember that choosing the safe sure thing does not necessarily mean that you will be happy, successful or better off. You cannot control outcomes but you can choose to participate in what brings you joy and what feels right for you.

--Sherrie Dillard

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The Dawn of the Unknowing

There is a move towards seeking to live in harmony with nature, as was once the case and not to treat the natural world as an enemy or something to be exploited. There is a shift to an integrated, holistic, interconnected and transpersonal way of living and away from the individualistic mentality that stems from a belief in separateness. 

There is transformation from the self-centered and ego-dominant individual to the selfless and unity-oriented being. There is a shift from the competition-based mode of operating in society to the cooperative-minded means of operation. All these shifts are occurring right now and will continue to occur if consciousness continues down its current path of positive progression into the higher echelons of being-ness.

Humanity is at a defining point in its history and it has the choice to shift its collective consciousness away from the egocentric ways of old towards the unifying and selfless ways of the possible future. 

If such a definitive shift does not occur, we may not be able to reverse the presently occurring problems within the environment, global economies and world cultures. If humanity chooses to collectively come together to work cooperatively so that these problems are averted and rectified, the future will indeed be a bright one. There is not much time left to make the choice that will define whether we survive and thrive or degrade and disappear.

The choice is a serious one, but a lighthearted approach can be taken towards it. Staying positive overall is the main aspect of this shift that should be remembered. 

With an overall positive outlook on life and reality, this positivity will be magnified and radiated throughout the collective transpersonal consciousness of humanity in a butterfly effect of epic proportions. This shift is for the benefit not only of the individual localized field of consciousness of each person on the planet, but of the collective and unified whole of humanity.

It is worth mentioning that our overall level of consciousness, as experienced on a day-to-day basis, is a significant factor in how we perceive reality. A person whose overall consciousness state is that of anger may view the world as a terrible and dangerous place and the people in it as deceptive and malicious, whereas someone who experiences the consciousness state of love on a daily basis may see the world and all that it encompasses as being beautiful, caring and good.

Whatever the objective reality may be, each person focuses on certain aspects of reality and chooses to interpret experiences, occurrences and data as defined by his or her own position of awareness. 

The higher the level of consciousness a person experiences, the more positive everything within one’s awareness becomes. Through this positivity, positive change can occur in the world, thanks to the elevated level of consciousness now being experienced.

There may be a perception by some that in order to have a massive consciousness shift to the point where a person becomes Self-realized, there has to be a great deal of knowledge and information concerning concepts and ideas of higher levels of reality. Fortunately, this is not the case and attaining higher states of consciousness permanently involves only a few basic things that a person has to do. 

These include the open-minded awareness of infinite possibilities, the kind treatment of oneself and others and the expression and experiencing of love, happiness, compassion, will, determination and peace.

With this mental framework in place, the doors to Self-realization and even the enlightenment experience are able to be opened. If one were to read and study for hours on end each and every day, one may begin to feel a sense of pride that one knows something or understands more than someone else, and in doing so, the ego would emerge to become a dominant force within that person’s life.

This is not to say that learning various subjects and matters is detrimental or something not to be done, but rather, this is stated to illustrate how knowledge does not bring about a consciousness shift; embodying the qualities of love and empathy do.

As consciousness shifts into higher and higher states, the world and the reality around us become viewed in more macroscopic terms where the specifics simply do not matter as much as the over-arching central aspects.

 It is as if a person is taking away all the various components of reality and reaching into the core mechanisms that operate within it. This is the natural direction of shifts into higher states of consciousness, since specifics are seen as muddling reality and usually just creating more strife and opposition amongst people.

Concepts, ideas and thought forms that are universally understood to be real are focused on within one’s awareness. 

If we are confronted with an aspect of reality that is of a specific nature, such as the verbal legitimacy of a certain political official, it does not even come into one’s mind to attempt to confront the other person concerning such a relatively trivial matter.

A consciousness shift begins when you allow for the possibility of such an occurrence. The will and determination has to exist before such an achievement takes place. 

It is my hope that you will be able to expedite your own personal consciousness shift so that not only will you benefit from it but so will the collective consciousness of the human race.

Experience the shift from fear to love. Experience the shift from anxiety to serenity. Experience these shifts and others like them and become convinced that such a change on a global level is indeed possible.

--Paul Lenda

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