Establishing a New Paradigm

by Wes Annac -

When actually looking toward the Creation of a new paradigm and the establishment of a sovereign humanity based on the concepts of peace and collective harmony, I like many others see that there is much work to be done.

We can point to the biggest problems facing our world at present and it is pertinent to do so, to raise awareness of such things.

So many aspects of this world have run rampant and are out of control and yet, you will find the most Lighted of vibrations upon the surface of this Earth if the necessary positivity is employed, as this positivity will answer to and transmute negativity not just on a personal level but a collective level.

We can look toward the biggest problems and we can as well, look to the root or core of what’s causing and feeding these problems. 

What answer do we find?

In most instances, we find that the Earth collective has remained complacent to the unjust acts continuing to be fed on this world, and those who are suffering from these acts continue to experience things that no soul should have to experience. 

We see that most people are too stuck in their conditioned Lives and beliefs and the plight of the poor and suffering is ignored and for some, not even known of in the first place.

What a lot of people don’t know is that along with coming together to bring exposure to and repair the biggest problems facing our world, we can actually answer to the mass negativity ourselves by radiating our positivity out for the entire collective consciousness to benefit from. 

It has been discussed so many times that we are Creating our reality and that the collective energy determines what happens on the world stage, so why have we not began to rally the rest of the world to come together?

I am seeing in my mind’s eye, so many things we can begin doing to formally introduce (even more than we already have) the concepts introducing the New Paradigm we wish to build and achieve. 

I see video projects, campaigns, further protests against tyranny, further social networking campaigns promoting awareness of the falsities perpetrated unto our society as well as the existence of our inner-realms of infinite intelligence and understanding and so many other potential things.

Waking Up to Reality

I ask you to join me (and plenty of others who are pioneering this work) in calling for everybody to begin understanding the importance of waking-up to the reality before their eyes because despite the negative things that have been and continue to be manifested and fed on this world, the realities we can find by turning within and allowing our minds to merge with our hearts will show us that the actions of the cabals in continuing to orchestrate humanity’s feeding of division, separation and hatred on a mass level will no longer have any bearing in the higher states of consciousness our planet has returned to.

Even the cabals who are not apparently “contained” know that the time of their influence is up, yet they continue to remain in denial while harassing people with influence who openly speak up against them. (1)

What we need to introduce to the entire collective of humanity is that beyond the purposeful orchestration of a lower dimensional reality meant to seem concrete and unchangeable, lay realms of perception beyond what we would perceive as possible and in these realms, humanity is infinite.

Everything is infinite in the realms of higher consciousness, and we will find enlightened souls from all different planes of consciousness as well as different planets and Galaxies who have themselves reached the higher states of consciousness humanity as a collective is reaching.

Truly, nothing can stop us from reaching the realms of full consciousness we have already begun to anchor unto ourselves and I am of the belief that this will become apparent in the future; be it in this already-magical year or at another time. 

No matter what, the resistance against tyranny and the knowledge of infinite realms and technologies beyond the current perspective of humanity will prevail and the Forces answering those who would keep us down physically, financially and spiritually, will only grow in number and influence.

Unlimited Potential

The greatest thing about this movement is that it’s not limited to certain beliefs. 

You don’t have to believe what I do about Galactic beings or the specifics of their contacts with humanity, to agree that a New Paradigm is essential to be initiated as we have identified as a sovereign collective that the way our world has been run is not the way we wish to Live, as a collective or as individuals.

We will continue to spread our Light and the truths of the higher realms we are finding within ourselves and the entirety of humanity will begin responding to the initiation of the natural and necessary New Paradigm.

Won’t you join us in Creating it and increase the already-strong momentum?

(1)-Bill Brockbrader, Tila Tequila and comedian Katt Williams would be good examples of this.

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How to Cultivate Miracles

by Keith Varnum -

I’ve been blessed with a life adventure full of miracles. When people read about the magic in my life, they often ask me, “Why have you had these fascinating extraordinary experiences—and not me?” I suggest to them that a more accurate way for them to ask that question might be, “Why do you recall all these extra-ordinary events—and not me?”

I’ve been a life coach and acupuncturist for over thirty years. In order to help people uncover the root causes of their problems, I had to delve deeply into the underlying facts beneath the surface of their lives. I had to reveal some truth behind the superficial stories we tell ourselves. I had to discover the real scoop hidden by our socially acceptable explanations of how life works.

Surprise Findings

In this detective process, I found out that just as many extra-ordinary events occur in most people’s lives as occur in mine! So, then, how come most folks aren’t aware of the extra-ordinary in their lives? Good question!

One reason many people don’t feel their lives are filled with exceptional events is because they don’t notice the uncommon events when they occur! They literally don’t see what is going on right in front of their eyes. 

Why not? Another great question.
  • They don’t see the magic because they aren’t looking in the right place.

  • They don’t see the magic because they aren’t looking in the right way.

  • They don’t see the magic because they aren’t looking for magic!

What are they doing?
  • They’re looking for what they expect to see.

  • They’re looking for what they’re conditioned to see.

  • They’re looking for what they’re told is there!

Dullsville, PA

I’ve come to realize that I happened to grow up in an environment that nurtured my ability to see beyond the borders of the believable. Firstly, the small, remote Pennsylvania mountain town I grew up in had to be one of the most boring places on Earth! Nothing ever happened out of the ordinary there.

In this nondescript village there were no fights, no drugs, no crime, no minorities, no crises—not even divorce or betrayal (that anyone talked about). No fuss, no muss—just white picket fences and 4th of July parades and apple pie. 

The only thing that ever changed in my hometown were the four seasons. And they were often almost the same—cloudy or rainy.

The Rest of the Story

Of course, there was the rest of the story, as Paul Harvey would say. The foundation of this typical small town America did have its cracks beneath the veneer of public harmony. But these deviations from the American Dream were never mentioned. Not between town folk. Not between drinking buddies. Not at the bridge table. Not on the golf course. Not at home. And not even to oneself!

Thus, on the surface of it all, all was well. … And extremely mind-numbing to a young kid!

So, just to entertain myself, just to pass the time on days just like every other day, I began to look for anything in my life, in my town, that was out of the ordinary—outside of the obvious, predictable everyday occurrences.

And Guess What?

What you look for, shows up. What you look for, you see.

I desperately wanted to see something different or new. I longed for anything unusual or strange. I sent my attention out searching for any element of life that was out of order, sync or sequence with the everyday humdrum routine.

And, sure enough, I found it! Everywhere I looked. … In my life. In other people’s lives. In school. On the street.

Everywhere I looked with the intention to see more than what’s expected, I saw more of what didn’t fit my expectations. When I looked outside the box, I saw life outside the box. And when I got outside my own limited paradigm, I could appreciate the view from other people’s paradigms.

I witnessed teenage friends—and myself—being “miraculously” saved from disastrous car accidents. I saw people (angels) pop out of nowhere to save townfolk in a desperate situations. I watched time contract (or expand) to fit the prayers of those in need. I observed synchronicities that guided me to the best course of action.

Mealtime Mystery

A second eye-opener in my youth occurred at every meal. My father was a lawyer and my mother a court reporter. Our family discussions at the kitchen table always centered on their legal court cases. Court cases by their very nature are centered around disputes, disagreements—differences of perception.

I was constantly being presented with a particularly curious and startling phenomenon. Three witnesses to a car accident: three different stories of what has occurred. Four people involved in dispute: four equally possible versions of the “facts.” I learned that the truth is in the eye of the beholder.

Or rather, the truths are in the eyes of the beholders!

The Prison of the Prism

I became aware of the prison of the prism through which we each view our world. The perceptual filters of our known paradigm literally create what we can see—and what we can’t see!

The Undoing of My Upbringing

These two unusual aspects of my upbringing had a profound influence on how I experienced everyday life. 

I began to see the cracks in the façade of the social matrix.

And I found a way to use these cracks in the social fabric to break on through to the other side. To view another world of options and alternatives. To enter a wider range of possibilities and adventures. I could see not only what was happening in other people’s worlds but also what could happen in the world of infinite possibility (miracles).

How ‘Bout You?

What experiences or circumstances in your background have opened the door for you to expand your vision of what is possible in life?


Would you like to recall the forgotten magic that has occurred in your life?

Would you like more everyday miracles in your life today?

My suggestion?
  • Make a conscious decision to welcome the uncommon.

  • Invite the unexplainable.

  • Be open for the new and different.

  • Treasure the strange and weird.

Celebrate surprise...

and you will be surprised. … By a whole new world of wonder and amazement.

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Finding Bliss: Bring Joy and Happiness Into Your Life

by Dr. Rita Louise -

Bliss comes in all shapes and sizes. 

What brings joy into your life may be completely different from what provides others a sense of satisfaction. Experiencing bliss is not about having a new car, a fancy house or the latest gadget on the market.  It is about feeling happy and content in the things you do or the life you lead.
“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.” ― Joseph Campbell
Average Americans work forty or more hours per week. The jobs we have, instead of inspiring us and leaving us with a sense of fulfillment, often drain us of our energy, our lives.  
We find ourselves working “for the man” in a position we often would not wish on our worst enemy.  Instead of waking up enthusiastic and ready to start a new day, we find it hard to get out of bed, dreading what the day will hold.  Overwork, office politics or the repetitive nature of our employment do little to support a blissful state of mind.
Many of us are not afforded the luxury of selecting the ideal career for ourselves. Education, location or the availability of potential jobs often curtail our ability to finding gainful employment in a field that fires the passion of our spirits.  We end up settling for what is available and not what we want.  Bills and other life responsibilities keep us trapped hoping for more and settling for less.
MeditationToday, we live in a pay as you play society. If you do not have the money to pay, you cannot get on the ride or join the team.  Finding and experiencing bliss in your life is not about money – although having some money does help.  
It is not about climbing to the top of a mountain to meditate, although for some it may be.  It is about doing something you love, something that brings a smile to your face or peace to your soul.
The challenge to finding your bliss is discovering what makes you tick. For some it may be one thing, a singular purpose that brings excitement and purpose into their lives.  For others it may be a variety of different things each of which supply a small piece of delight into their otherwise dreary lives.
When asked, most people do not know what they want to do with their lives. We long to answer the question” What am I going to be when I grow up?” and wait fervently for a divine insight but find ourselves sitting in mute silence.  It is not that we do not want to know, but more likely than not, we were never asked.  
If we were, we were probably dissuaded from our original ideas and choices and were cajoled into a job, career or profession we were not interested in.  The statement “It is not practical” is many times tied to these acts of manipulation.  Who wants to be a starving artist and out of work actor or a deadbeat musician when you can have a good paying job as an accountant or engineer?
Another factor that can influence our ability to finding bliss is when we are not exposed to the opportunities that life holds. Perhaps jumping out of an airplane would bring you the excitement you crave.  
You would never know if you have never tried it.  (I am not suggesting that everyone should attempt skydiving, but for some this IS what floats his or her boats.)  
We may find bliss when we open ourselves up to new possibilities, to adventures and experiences big and small.  
There are so many things that can be tried the sky is the limit.  What works for one person may not resonate with you.  It is not about them, it is about you exploring yourself, your likes and dislikes.  
You may uncover something you relish in your fist try or it may be your hundredth.  You might even find it by trying new things.  Investigating a variety of diverse ideas may help you to realize your bliss bring you the satisfaction you have been looking for.
You do not have to quit your job in order to find bliss. In what might be considered the most satisfying and lucrative careers there are always difficulties.  In everything we do there are always tasks and responsibility that one would consider less than blissful.  
Bliss can be found in the simplest things we do, the silliest things we try or the most out there things we experience.  Once bliss starts to emerge it, cannot help but filter through into the regular and more mundane aspects of our lives.

Still stuck and uncertain of what you can do? Here are some free or low cost ideas that might stir your imagination.  Your bliss might be in the making as you explore in one of these things.


1. Work on yourself.

Sometimes we are so wrapped up in our jobs, our careers or taking care of everyone else that we forget about ourselves.  Perhaps you will find bliss when you stop solving the problems of the world and begin taking care of yourself.  Give yourself permission to go to the gym, see a movie or visit a friend.  Maybe your bliss can be found in a hot bath or a good book.  
Taking care of ourselves can be one of the most challenging things to do.  We often allow life to distract us from our needs and ourselves.  We, that inner part of ourselves, often end up falling by the wayside. If it is hard for you to find some “me” time, write it on your calendar, put it on a post it note and schedule it in.  Identify a day and time when you are going to give to yourself.  Envision how much fun it will be going on a hot date – with yourself!

2. Take a class.

Sometimes when we are unsure of what we want to do taking a class might help to get your creative juices flowing.  Whether at your local community college or one that you find online, try it!  You might discover that you have a knack for cake decorating, water painting, computer programming, dancing or writing.

3. Attend a Meet-up group.

Meetup groups have popped up across the country. They can be found in large urban areas and smaller communities.  Many are free, or a very low cost, to attend and the possibilities are endless.  There are Meetup groups that focus on self-improvement, spirituality and health and healing.  
There are Meetup groups for the politically minded, for exploring religious ideas and ones for individuals who are just looking for some stimulating conversation.  There are even Meetup groups for singles!

 4. Explore the great outdoors. 

Go camping. Take a walk in a park.  Climb to the top of a mountain.  Learn to identify the birds you see, the plants you encounter.  Lie out on the grass and watch the clouds go by.  
Enjoy the solace of a star filled night.  You might find yourself invigorated and lusting for life after spending some time in the great outdoors.

5. Explore your kitchen.

Have you ever baked a loaf of bread, made cookies from scratch or tried a recipe that sounds tasty and inviting?  Our kitchens can hold many unseen wonders that have been lost to prepackaged convience foods.  Handcrafted meals always cost less to prepare than their mass-produced counterparts.  
They are healthier for you and always taste better.  You might discover that cooking up a three-course meal for a group of friends or your family is fun and perks up your appetite for life.

6. Plant an herb or vegetable garden.

Planting a garden, be it herbs or your favorite vegetables can be rewarding and satisfying. As your plants grow and mature it will be a constant reminder of the mysteries and wonders of the world.  You might say, “But I do not have a back yard to plant them in”.  
Anyone can start a garden in a brightly lit window or in pots on a patio.  Imagine how amazing it would be to eat a home grown, organic tomato or season your meal with a bit of basil or cilantro you grew.  There are also an increasing number of community gardens, where you can rent a plot of land, and grow your favorite delectable delights.

7. Start a spiritual practice.

Have you always wanted to begin meditating, learn tai chi or yoga?  Maybe you will find bliss there.  If you live in a rural community there are hundreds if not thousands of books and CD’s available online which can help get you started.  
In addition, an overwhelming amount of free information online can answer your questions, provide you with some insights or point you in the right direction. Why do you hesitate, Grasshopper?

8. Volunteer your time.

You might discover that you will find bliss assisting others.  Countless organizations are on the lookout for good dependable help.  The immeasurable number of people that you will be helping even if you only volunteered a few hours a week could be staggering.  Help build a house, cook in a soup kitchen or lend an ear on a support line.  Each of these can be rewarding.
It does not matter what you do as you look to find your bliss. The journey keeps it fresh and exciting.  If water painting is not for you, explore something else.  
Give yourself the chance to learn and grow especially if you are trying something new.  We all cannot be Michelangelo or de Vinci but with a little time and effort, you very well may be.

Sometime we find bliss in some of the weirdest places, in areas that we did not know existed or would never have imagined trying. 

Pay attention to strange synchronicities that pop up in your life or any intuitive insights you may have.  These will often appear when you least expect it and can help guide you to the perfect place.  

If where you are being lead seems outlandish do not knock it.  Try it.  Your bliss might be waiting for you there.

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