The Awakening of Humanity

by Jennifer Hoffman -

You are living through the unfoldment of the Shift as humanity is reconnecting, finding a new center and creating space for the energies that have come to help you through this process.

These are new experiences for you and as they unfold you can feel physical and emotional distress because your bodies are not used to energies of this level. 

Each of you is a magnet for these energies and you process what is calibrated to your energetic vibrations.

You are allowing new frequencies to become part of the earth grid and create new levels of energetic vibrations for humanity.

This is all part of the Shift and your understanding of this process will help you manage it and maintain your own energetic balance and stay grounded.

Each of you is attracting a specific energetic frequency that seeks to be grounded on the earth and you are the vehicle through which they are transmitted here.

These energies are at much higher frequencies than has even been experienced on the earth which is why they can create symptoms in you that include fatigue and energetic distress. 

Your own bodies must adjust to the energies and become grounded with them to allow them to be present on earth.

That is also why many of you have been placed in certain geographic areas, even though you do not feel 'at home'' there or are isolated and even out of touch with like-minded people.

You are grounding the energies at specific locations and once your work there is completed you will be guided to move to other locations.

This is the time of the unfoldment, when the energetic pathways that you have been creating as you completed your own Shift experiences are now being utilized for humanity. 

All of the work that you have done, the karmic healing, the release and forgiveness work had to occur so that you could create these energetic openings within the earth's grid.

Until Lightworkers raised the energetic vibrations of the planet there were no openings for this energy. 

You have created the openings for the vortexes to be built to anchor this energy. You must stay grounded and maintain your own energetic balance and center to maintain the connection with the energy you are anchoring.

Do not be frightened of the illusion that the darkness appears to be gaining strength. The frequency of the planet has been raised beyond that of the darkness so that its true nature can be revealed.

The unfoldment is occurring and along with it new energetic frequencies are being anchored on the planet. This is your work, what you have come here to do.

When you feel ungrounded, out of body, uncomfortable, tired or anxious, you are anchoring energy and need to find relief through rest and energy or healing work that will help you re-anchor yourself. 

Do not be afraid to ask for help, do not be afraid of this process as it is all happening as it should.

You are part of humanity's greatest moment and are experiencing the awakening of humanity to its divinity and the creation of heaven on earth.

Be at peace and know that all is well!