The Expansion of Multidimensional Reality

by Mashubi Rochell - 

You are supremely blessed at this time, for the angelic realms and the realms of light and spirit are accelerating their infusion of God's light into the physical planes of Earth.

What this means for you is that new possibilities, new understandings and awakenings and new levels of healing are now possible that were not possible previously. 

What this also means is that the very pace of inner and outer life is greatly accelerated, so that what used to be a linear, three dimension experience of daily life has been expanding and opening a up a new quantum multidimensional experience.

This new quantum reality is manifesting both on the inner and outer levels of experience. 

Your consciousness is transforming, for some subtly, for others in more dramatic ways.

Physical reality is also transforming, so that the atomic and subatomic physical matter that comprises your physical body and the physical body of the Earth, is vibrating at a higher frequency. 

In addition, the multidimensional nature of space and time is more apparent because physical matter is less dense, so negative and energy patterns are now less entrenched, with more possibility for complete healing on all levels.

Because of these significant shifts your physical bodies are in need of new supports. Many people are experiencing an intensification of physical symptoms or energetic challenges as the light penetrates to new levels within physical matter. 

In addition, the process of purification has reached a new level of intensity so that old pain, negative energy forces and forms of separated consciousness are now rising to the surface in both individual and collective consciousness. 

Emotions run high and for many, the suffering is great. God's love is expanding at an ever increasing pace, awakening the hearts of many and bringing a new level of consciousness to the moral and ethical questions of our time.

It is time now to put the past to rest in all ways, to set yourself free from what has passed, so that you can be fully here and present in the new multidimensional reality that is expanding on the Earth. 

For many souls who have learned to hold on out of fear and separated consciousness, it is not a simple task to simply surrender and flow with the river of God's light. 

The mind emerges with so many questions, hesitations and what if's and you may need time and gentleness to take small baby steps towards the path of the heart that is beckoning you.

Fear not dearest ones. God's love is present now at a new level that you will be able to feel, if you can take the time and space to sit quietly to breathe and open yourself to the divine pulse of spiritual awakening that is manifesting. 

Ask and pray to be supported in your challenges, and in the new paths that lie before you. Your prayers will be heard, and you shall be held in God's arms and blessed, loved and infused with even more of the holy light that is descending to the Earth.

This is a holy time, and your inner being is fully awake to the magnificence of what will be.

There are many challenges present for so many souls who are still laboring under the intense pressures, contraction of energies and limitations of this moment before the sacred expansion of light. 

Align and firm yourself in God's holy breath and sacred presence, hold fast to your heart's inner knowing, and traverse these difficulties with faith, love and all the support you need. You are greatly blessed, with deepest love. Amen.