Living Through Transformations

by Jennifer Hoffman -

Our perception of our life can take different forms. We can see it as a blessing or a curse, as difficult or easy, as fun or a struggle. We hope for the good to continue indefinitely and for the difficult times to pass as quickly as possible. Because of our tendency is to look at life from the point of what is happening and focus on the events we often miss the bigger picture, which is how each event and person contributes to the whole. 

In essence we look at what is happening in terms of the past instead of how it contributes to a new and different aspect of our ever-changing reality. Our spiritual journey is about transformation, aboutchanging what we know and how we do things. It is about creating something new and different, about creating a new paradigm instead of fixing the old one.


There was a time when changing our life situation or who we were was close to impossible. We were ruled by destiny, not by possibility. A person was born into a certain place in their life and they could never hope to be different. So a person born into a family of farmers would never be anything but a farmer. Or one born into a family of merchants would become a merchant. 

While we have progressed socially, it has taken some time for our minds and perceptions to catch up to the possibility of the opportunities that are available to us. We know that we can do whatever we want but do we really believe it? Sometimes it takes a transforming event to show us that and those events happen in such a way that we can see them as confirmation of our inability instead of our potential.

A transforming event occurs when a change is forced upon us and we must re-assess our choices and our possibilities. This could manifest as the loss of a job, relationship or life situation that we had assumed would be around until we were ready to let it go. 

Or the opportunity for transformation may appear in the form of a situation that we have not wanted to deal with for a long time and we are suddenly forced to face it.

This is transformation at work, an opportunity for us to create a new form for our reality, a new way of being. What we do with that information will define whether transformation and change can occur or whether we will continue on the same path.


A key to working with transformation is how much we believe in, honor and love ourselves. Whether we believe that we deserve the best and highest good determines how we perceive the situation that has suddenly appeared before us. 

Do we see a new beginning or yet another crisis that we must somehow manage? Do we try to fit the change into our current reality or are we aware of other opportunities? As with any aspect of our reality, what we allow ourselves to see determines the energy that we will work with.


Transforming events do not happen by accident. They occur when we, either consciously or unconsciously, create them. Our unconscious desires for more peace, joy and happiness can bring change into our life, even if we are afraid of those changes on a conscious level. 

These urges can be so strong that our heart will step in when our mind is in denial and bring the changes about for us. The greater our dissatisfaction with where we are in life, the greater is our request for change. The greater our fear of transformation the more difficult the process will be for us. 

Joy is our natural state of being and anything that has to occur to get us there will happen.


Part of our spiritual journey is to learn to live in the joy, peace and unconditional love that is our natural spiritual state of being. Misery is not the human condition, we just think that it is.

As we commit to our spiritual path reconnecting to the energy of joy is another task that we are charged with. 

Whether we consciously agree to it or not, the Universe will bring to our attention every aspect of our reality that is in conflict with this natural state of being and the transforming events that will allow us to change them.


If we remember that we have complete control over every aspect of our reality then we can make self-affirming choices when faced with events whose purpose is to help us change our reality. If not, then we see these events as confirmation of our powerlessness and feel helpless. We are supposed to be living ‘in joy’ all of the time. And we will have opportunities to change anything that does not resonate at that frequency.


Transforming events can be magical, exciting times when we step into our power and create the life we have been wishing for. Use the energy of transformation in this way and change will become your sidekick instead of your enemy and your journey will be miraculous, fun and joyful.