Manifesting Light

by Julie Redstone -

God's holy light is opening a new opportunity now within the physically embodied world. As the Earth continues to transform and radiate more light, the physical and energetic structures that have held the world together are now also beginning to transform. 

The very foundations of your world are shifting now. 

Plants, animals, trees, and even the sky is radiating more of God's light. Your physical body and your consciousness are holding more light. There is a new capacity opening now within this new vibrational picture that will transform the very foundations of your world.

This new capacity involves the ability of thought to transmit light and to influence and transform both consciousness and physical matter.

This is a capacity that all souls carry, which has been used to incarnate into the physical realms, and also to create and develop consciousness in the spiritual realms. 

On the Earth, some advanced spiritual masters have been able to develop these capacities and to use them in a more conscious way for the upliftment of humanity, but in large part these abilities have not been greatly accessible to most incarnated beings.

Now at this crucial moment in cosmic time, the doorways of spiritual perception are awakening within many souls and the capacity for conscious manifestation with God's light is emerging within the realm of possibility for all embodied beings.

No longer will it be necessary to approach physical life separate from spiritual life. No longer will it be necessary to wait for inordinately long periods of time for the new structures of consciousness and light to emerge and manifest into the physical realms.

What this means dearest ones is that you now have infinitely greater capacity to manifest God's light into your life and into the physical planes of the Earth. The capacity to manifest varies form soul to soul but is a gift given to all souls by God, in God's infinite love and freedom.

Each soul on the Earth at this time has the capacity to manifest a new level of light onto the physical planes of the Earth. 

Within your heart lies the longing and the creative impulse and desire that will lead you towards the endeavors of light, and the vehicles of expression for that light which will most suit your unique gifts.

To manifest God's light on the Earth, what is most needed is the purity of motive that allows the maximum freedom for the higher dimensions of light to travel downward towards the physical planes of existence.

When motivation is clouded by personal or ego level needs and desires, the strength of light is dimmed and therefore less capable to transmit the full potency of healing vibration.

It is not necessary to be a full enlightened being in order to manifest and create situations, structures and activities that manifest God's light on the Earth.

What is needed is an awakened consciousness so that you have an awareness of who you are and what gifts you are here to bring to the world. You also need humility, truth and discernment, so that you can see clearly which parts of yourself are still healing.

With purity of motive and awareness of yourself, you can begin to work with the Realms of Light to help bring greater light to the Earth, starting with yourself and your daily life.

Steps Towards Manifesting God's Light

Whether your focus is on manifesting a healthy body that radiates light, a new job that allows you to share your gifts, a family and living situation that is filled with God's love and light, or whether your focus is a larger project that will bring healing and light to the world, the process is the same.

All conscious manifestations of God's light benefit humanity and the Earth, no matter how small they may appear.

When you are focusing your attention on manifesting more of God's light in your life, these steps can assist you in the process.
1. Hold a clear intention of what you want to manifest, that is in harmony with your soul's purpose.

2. Feel the joy in your heart about what you wish to create.

3. Feel how what you create will contribute to the healing and upliftment larger human family of humanity.

4. Feel how what you will create will contribute to the healing and upliftment of the Earth.

5. Feel how what you will create contributes to your own healing and upliftment.

6. Visualize your creation vividly, imagining how it will look and feel to you and to others.

7. Reach out in your consciousness to God and to those in the spiritual realms that guide your life and work. Ask for their assistance, and feel their love for you and your love for them.

8. Say a heartfelt prayer, and finish the prayer with a phrase such as "Thy Will Be Done" which communicates your willingness to give your creation to God in complete surrender, trusting the Divine outcome on all levels of manifestation.
The time is now to begin preparing to manifest new structures of God's light on the Earth. 

You may already have received guidance about your next steps, or you may still be waiting for clarification of your direction.

In either case, hold the divine intention within your heart to bring into being more light on the Earth, in your physical body, in your daily life, in your relationships and in your work.

This divine intentionality is a part of God's plan for the Earth, that she shall become a sacred and holy planet. Your participation in this sacred process is essential and greatly appreciated and seen by those who guide the evolution of the Earth.

May your life and work be profoundly blessed in this new time of the manifestation of God's light on the Earth. Amen.