The School of Life

by Lura Genz -

Life can be compared to an enormous multileveled structure – a school-house filled with countless classrooms.

Each classroom represents an intention - either acted upon or not acted upon. Some of the life lessons taught and often re-taught, are mind-numbingly repetitive in nature.

 It seems we are slow to catch on to the lesson at hand. 

A larger classroom, if you will, awaits us when we acknowledge that ‘enough is enough’ and we determine to cease putting attention on non life-affirming situations.

A willingness to move on: mentally, emotionally, spiritually; to surrender to the Divine within us whatever it is that keeps us bound to restrictive lessons that fetter spiritual freedom and growth.


One of the reasons we hold ourselves bound in such a non-advancing state is undue attachment: to a spiritual belief system that no longer inspires; continuing relationships with persons or places that cease to comfort and warm the heart; a job that holds us tethered for security reasons, although it is a daily grind and limits all creative flow. 

Or we can be stuck in resentments, blaming parents, siblings, others, for all the ills heaped upon us – looking back. back. back instead of accepting that life isn’t necessarily fair (as we see it) and letting go of passé negative restraints. 


By moving forward, we open ourselves to new vistas and opportunities. It’s never easy – saying goodbye to our attachments, even when they no longer honor us. This lifetime is precious; it must serve us well in all facets of our life.

Fear of change also keeps us bound to limiting parameters. The But what ifs… that paralyze our incentive to think outside the box of our own creation.

We need to make a stand in the sand and face the fear. What’s truly at the heart of our concern?

So many self-imposed restrictions: 

  • Feelings of inadequacy; 
  • fear of rejection; 
  • others disapproval of our decisions; 
  • feeling bound by an indebtedness to another that keeps us hostage to their wants and wishes, overriding our own hopes, interests, and desires.

There are other mind passions that also curb forward movement. 
  • Anger is one, and it is never pleasant, and it is never righteous. Anger separates and destroys and if vehement enough – kills. It kills love and all that has meaning in our lives. 
  • Another negative trait is vanity: a certain smugness and preoccupation with self that puts others last. 
  • There’s also greed: the insatiable ones who never have enough, who always need more. 
  • And lust: let’s not forget those whose lust for power, money, love is so excessive it smothers all forward thrust. How can one move forward when he is forever stuck staking claim to his consuming desires?
When we can visualize a better tomorrow for ourselves by slowly but surely, releasing the negatives that are holding us in place, we can then move on to the next plateau – the larger classroom - that is filled with more light and more love. It awaits us. It is already in place.