The Consciousness of Creation

by John Otis and Cheryl Hyland -

It is important to remember that all creation is cyclical. 

 It is a pattern of energy moving out, circulating, and returning. As you keep this principle of creative energy in focus, it becomes easier to understand the process and to know the purpose for which the three dimensional world exists.

 It is through three-dimensional existence that you experience that which is the process as well as the result of creation.

There is a pattern that can perhaps be expressed in words that will resonate with your inner awareness. It is a pattern through which the creative process moves.

 First there is an impulse. The impulse moves through the mind, becomes an idea, a thought and then the creative process moves into manifested form and substance. 

All creation, all patterns of creative and created energy begin with a thought, with an idea, with an impulse from the depths of inner awareness.

 As the creative energy moves out, there is form and substance. Look around you at all that has been created in the physical world, in the world of emotions, in the world of the intellect and the mind. There is an infinite array of created form and substance. It has always been this way. It will always be this way.

What Is a Soul?

When you consider the process of creation, have you ever wondered who or what is a soul? Why does a soul exist? What is the soul really all about? 

This is a question that is at the very core of all spiritual pursuit and must be answered by each of us. 

As you look around you at your beautiful surroundings, the earth, the plants, the animals and of course mankind, there are many thoughts and ideas you might have as to how this universe or any other universe, came to be.

The first thought, the first flow of energy out into the creative experience is Love. In the process of creation, the concept of Love becomes a living reality.

Love is a word that is not easily understood for it means many things to many people who, in their own way are awakening to the truth of their existence.

 Love is all encompassing, has many faces, and is the totality of the expression of creative energy. It is for this reason that it has been said that Love is the Source. It has been said that God or the Consciousness of Creation is Love.....which is true.

As the impulse of Love moves out into the void of the universe, there is a presentation of the creative essence that is sustained through the radiant expressive energy patterns seen in the created universe.

Love is carried into creation on the energy wave of Light. Light is the foundation or the active ingredient of the impulse of creation.

Light is the animating force that, through the creative process, forms what is called Life.

 Love is the Source, Light is the activating principle, Life is the result.

As the energy of Love moves on waves of Light, there are packets of energy that come together as points of consciousness to participate within the creative process.

These sparks of energy are called souls. These entities or souls, are created as aspects of the Consciousness of Creation, and carry forth the experience of creation, sharing and radiating the Love and Light of the Source of All.

When a child is conceived, it is a combination of the attributes and qualities of each of its parents. In the same way, the Soul is an aspect of and a part of the very essence of the Consciousness of Creation.

The Soul is the divine essence of creation that carries with it all of the Attributes or qualities of the infinite expression of the Consciousness of Creation.

The Universe in Motion

The Soul is the creative impulse of the universe in motion, creating and exploring that which is created.

These creative impulses or souls, have moved into and through various dimensions of existence to eventually being embodied in three dimensional existence. 

 In this process the worlds were created, the physical universe and eventually the individualized units of energy called planets were created.

Then life forms were created and the ongoing creative essence of the universe became the physical reality in which you now find yourself.

The truth of creation, the truth of existence, the truth of the Consciousness of Creation as a radiant energy pattern of Love and Light can then be known. In understanding this truth, the doorway is opened to the singular truth of the universe.

Everything is connected, nothing stands alone. You are a Soul, a spark of the Consciousness of Creation, connected to all that exists.

Along the way, the soul becomes involved with, attached to and enamored by that which is created.

This attachment becomes the anchor of assumed reality and is considered by the soul to be the purpose for having created in the first place.

However, when the pinnacle of understanding is reached, it is seen and known that the created environment is simply symbolic. It is the result of that which is the creative impulse. The created environment is not the absolute reality of existence.


Through attachment lessons are learned; lessons of acceptance, of release, of letting go. One begins to see beyond the façade of form and substance.

One begins to understand the lessons which are created by the mind and emotions, the lessons that open the doorway to inner soul awareness.

 This leads to letting go and returning to that which is the inner truth and reality of soul existence. This is the process and the purpose for all aspects of creation.

There is movement of creative energy, form and substance come into being, there is attachment to the form and substance. Lessons learned, there is a release and letting go. There is a return to that which is the Source, the center of all existence, the Oneness of all existence.

It is not an overly complicated process, but is made so by the infinite array of perceptions that souls maintain regarding what is observed in the omni-dimensional, infinite, created universe, and more specifically within the localized three-dimensional experience.

Observe all around you. Observe and feel what is being processed in understanding from deep within your consciousness as a soul.

Know that as you release and let go, as you become unattached, as you turn your focus inward rather than outward, the pathway home, the pathway of return to the full and unified consciousness of Oneness is assured. This will always be the return pathway of every soul.

To live in the midst of the created environment and to consciously know the truth of who you are, is the ultimate lesson that every soul must pass through.

You are living in conscious reality. 

You are living in an environment of consciously knowing who you are. You are a soul temporarily utilizing bodily form to learn, to experience, to remember.

You are learning to become unattached to that which you experience and to move into the inner realm, into the full and complete unified consciousness of Oneness of who you are as a soul.

So congratulations! You are a master creator!

As you move along the pathway of creation, acknowledge and understand that which you have created. Bless each step, give thanks for each step. 

Acknowledge and recognize that you are offering yourself a gift with each step, a gift of another key to the doorway of awakening.

Observe what you have created and know that you have done so for only one purpose and that is to experience that which is created so that you can move beyond the limitations of the created environment to consciously uniting with the Source, the Consciousness of Creation.

Remember that you are One with the Source. Integrate this understanding with each step you take through the environment you have created!