Applying Our Truth to Our Life

by Jennifer Hoffman - 

Each step on our spiritual path gives us new insight and information to reconnect us to our power and to Source.

As we receive this information we are challenged to change our beliefs, open ourselves up to new possibilities and accept new truths.

When we understand our spiritual Truth, that we are divine, perfect beings who deserve a reality of abundance in peace, joy, prosperity and unconditional love, we are at a crossroads and the next step we take is an important one.


Our spiritual Truth is often in conflict with our material truth, which is generally focused on lack and fear.

Every place in our life where we feel we are undeserving, unlucky, unable to create joy, abundance or love is a place where we are out of balance with our spiritual Truth. But what we do with that information is very important. Where do we make changes and do we have the courage to do so?


We can accept our spiritual Truth, knowing that we exist in perfection and then are unable to use this information to transform our material world.

This can take us into depression and even self sabotage, where we believe this is true but cannot take the steps necessary to apply our knowledge.

Unable to move forward, we feel even more stuck in our life and go into judgment, telling ourselves we should be able to do this, but feel powerless to do so.

When everything in our life contradicts our spiritual Truth we are challenged to change everything about ourselves. But we really only have to change one thing, all we have to do is accept the spiritual Truth of who we are.

The Universe has a wonderful way of showing us where we are stuck and where transformation is needed.

If we are in self sabotage or fear mode, we can see this as further proof of our powerlessness. But we can also see it as an opportunity to allow the energy in our life to flow, in whatever direction it needs to and to accept the spiritual Truth, so that transformation can occur.


Applying our spiritual truth to every area of our life means acknowledging the perfection of each moment, our ability to learn from our lessons, heal our soul wounds and from that point, acknowledging that we are empowered with our learning and can create the reality of our dreams.

When we are being powerful we are walking in our spiritual Truth and that means we are living in the moment, out of fear, open to miracles and unafraid of transformation.

We can do all of things at once, in case you're thinking that is a lot of activity, because they are all part of the same energy.

Our spiritual Truth reminds us of who we are, divine beings and co-creators of our reality. This is so exciting and empowering that we want to share it with others. So we try to tell them about our Truth and then open their eyes to theirs. The results can range from disappointing to disastrous.


When we walk our path in Truth we are transformed. We are no longer afraid, we have trust and faith and our victim consciousness is a over.

To those who are used to seeing us as powerless our new power can be challenging and they have to find a new place of connection. Sometimes they can, other times they cannot and they will leave our life.

Those who have fulfilled a helpful or mentoring role for us will need to change their focus because we no longer need the same kind of support and guidance from them.


If we have been in victim consciousness, our friends may be victims too and can't share our new sense of power for it challenges them to rise above being a victim and becoming powerful.

So instead of sharing our joy at knowing our Truth they can find it challenging and if they are not able to resonate with our new energy, the connection is gone.

Knowing and applying our Truth to our life sometimes means that we have to create new friendships, careers and life paths. But we can do it because we are powerful and working with the Universe in life affirming ways that create wonderful, fulfilling opportunities that are available to us with our new energetic vibrations.

As you may already have experienced, transformation brings its own challenges and can be accompanied by a period when we feel almost socially isolated.

That will pass and we will find like-minded people who we can share our Truth with and receive acknowledgement and honor in return because they have found and connected to their own Truth.

Each of us is on our own path and our journey to find and connect to our spiritual Truth is one of healing and transformation.

Whether that happens quickly or slowly, the end is always the same, we accept and acknowledge our divine spiritual heritage and know that we are co-creators with the Universe to design a reality that flows with abundance, peace, joy and unconditional love, for ourselves and for all of humanity.