Global Shifting from Competition Toward Collaboration

by Melissa Kitto -

There's a shift going on. 

Every day we hear of a new crisis. If you've watched a TV, heard a radio or picked up a newspaper recently, you've likely been affected by the fear, worry and despair that is portrayed by the media in recent times.

You are a sensitive being. Without realizing it, you pick up the thoughts and feelings of others and take them on as your own.

Many of the emotions you feel are not even yours. You have picked them up from someone else in your environment. 

The next time you experience an emotion like fear, worry, hurt or anger, discern if it's really your true feeling or if you have picked it up from someone else.

With many people fearful at the moment you're probably picking up emotions from people you don't even know.

With so much pressure around it could be the fear of a person in the office next door or in the lane beside you on the highway that you are feeling! Yes. You really are that sensitive.

It is crucial right now to use your spiritual cleansing and environmental cleansing techniques to keep yourself buffered from any emotions that aren't even yours to begin with.

Another thing you can do right now is cut down on the amount of TV news you watch, and consider cutting it out completely.

The businesses that bring us the news are no longer the detached reporters of events we may think they are. They are businesses that exist to earn a profit.

What the TV news shows are really concerned about is getting high ratings. They keep you watching by stimulating your emotions, especially the emotion of fear.

When people are fearful and worried, they'll keep watching the news to find out more information. It is mental gymnastics on a huge scale and it can be addictive.

Fear is not one of your true feelings. 

Fear is an emotion. Emotions and feelings are not the same thing. Your true feelings are the good, kind, loving, sharing, understanding, fearless part of you.

About three years ago, Richard added that word "fearless" to the other words that Francisco Coll used to describe a person's true feelings. It has become even more important to include that word in the description.

Realize that when you are in your true feelings, there is no fear. 

No matter what is happening around you or in your world, there is nothing to fear. Nothing. Fear is not real. In fact FEAR is an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real.

Fear is not real. 

Whenever I make a decision based on fear, I am making a decision based on a lie. There is no truth in fear. Say this out loud to yourself,
"No one can give me anything and no one can take anything away from me because I Am One with All Things. "
Now, what feels true? The fear or that you are One with All Things?

I'm sure that many of you reading this article have been affected by the recession in some way. I have friends who have lost their jobs, that can't sell their house and that have had to lay off employees.

If you have been affected by the recession yourself, just realize that everything is going to be all right and keep moving forward with positive energy.

Stay at a higher vibration. 

Your angels are always solution oriented. They never focus on feelings of doom and gloom. Doom and gloom is the vibration level of confusion.

You can choose to muddle in the zone of confusion, fear, and worry or you can detach yourself and rise back up to the level of your helpers.

Even in challenging situations there is always a positive solution. 

Just ask your angels. If you choose to focus on fear, worry and lack that is exactly what you will attract. Use your free will in a constructive manner and that is what you will attract.

When you stay detached and relaxed you'll realize that although you may have lost your job there is a better opportunity waiting just around the corner.

Sometimes you need to let something go in order to make room for the good. You may not know what the next step is yet.

You need to trust! Trust requires that you use your discipline to focus on solutions, not the problems. Why water weeds?

The recession that we are in right now is part of a cycle. It is the beginning of a global shift in consciousness. You've probably heard someone talking about this global shift. Many great Prophets like Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce and Tiger Coll predicted it.

During this shift, more and more people are realizing who they truly are. 

They are awakening to the reality that they are spiritual beings having a physical experience. 

You are one with God/the Universe. You are a part of God/ the Universe. You have a unique, special and very important purpose this lifetime.

You have come to learn, share, grow and be of service. You didn't come here to just do. You came here to learn by doing. By being loyal to yourself first, you help others more.

The global recession is part of the shift that needs to take place on Planet Earth. 

Have you ever noticed that just before times of great change and growth in your life you undergo a period of time that is uncomfortable and difficult when nothing seems to go right? That's what the planet is experiencing right now. 

Things are being shaken up. 

People are asking for change and it's coming. Realize that this is not the end of the world, or a scary time. This is a most exciting time to be alive!

We are moving away from competition toward collaboration. 

As more and more people awaken and start searching for spiritual understanding there are so many opportunities for you to share with the people around you.

Keep moving forward. Tap into the abundant universe that you are a part of. Keep doing more and make spiritual growth a way of life. 

You are the light at the end of the tunnel. Let it shine.