From Human to Divine Nature

by Maureen Moss -

The EMERGING NEW WORLD and the emerging new human is no longer a mere topic of conversation or a prediction.

We are being made well aware that the ways in which we used to operate in life doesn't interest us any longer, doesn't serve us any longer and we truly don't have the energy or drive for it any longer.

That which once enticed us, no longer does. The road many of us have long traveled has ended.

It is of vital importance to not attempt extending a road that has no support. It is of vital importance to know that something greater than the road is supporting you as you begin to ascend to higher ground.

I know many may still be feeling pain and the "sense" of loss after some incredibly tough energetic months, and some are walking around concerned with the void they seem to be in, and judging it as something wrong.

Nothing is wrong. The pain, sense of loss the void and even lack of preference and lack of energy is coming from your Divine Self being stabilized. This is a massive transformation and transmutation.

DIVINE SELF stabilizes when human nature and former ego identity is moved out of its way. Seemingly cemented in ego identities and root bound human natures don't give way easily and both needed this necessary round of a big push to be removed from their former positions.

It's like a baby being pushed out of the womb.

First there is pain and then delivery. We are being delivered to what we have longed for, our Divine Natures, our natural not "normal" Self void of internal warring, duality and polarity while in human form, so please don't fight your rebirth.

It bears the markings of an extraordinary being, beginning a new life at a slower pace with deeper meaning.

Wherever you are, take a deep and steady breath in. Let it go all the way in and fill every corner of your being with the LIGHT OF GOD.

Breathe out a sigh of relief as the final inappropriate reflections of Ego identity is being removed.

 The following is what I received in meditation and I share it with you, as it is relevant to your rebirth as well as my own:


Once your Divine Natures are stabilized you are going to receive an assignment from the Universe. I was told,

The assignment will be a plan of graceful action that will lead you right into what you came to planet Earth to do in regard to inaugurating your shift from fate into destiny, from human nature into Divine Nature.

It won't, like in times gone by, define you, for remember, you are defined. You are God formed. It will however fulfill you, something that few humans have truly had the experience of... being fulfilled.

Though many have accomplished much during this incarnation, accomplishment and fulfillment are not the same.

Everything you have done and been up to this point in your life will have prepared you for your Divine assignment. What it will be may surprise many of you, because your mind and ego will likely tell you that you can't do it or it's just "not your nature."

Most of humanity has been consensually living with a false nature.

Your assignment will assist you greatly in rediscovering your natural nature not your normal behavior and balance will be restored. You will look in awe at the Divine workings of your life.

If you have made space within you and made peace with no longer claiming and chasing a false identity, what is meant to be yours is on its way into you, unhindered by grace in what humans might call a magical way.

In truth it is delivery of a promise made long ago before you took on earthly form.

We have always had an agreement that if you did your part to remember the Truth and the Way of your being, I would do My part.

For those that are awakening into a deeper and more meaningful way, expect delivery. Each has free will to accept or reject anything. Know that you are each watched over, not looked over and you are deeply loved.

You are living in the times of amazing grace, whether you realize that or not; you are. 

Planet Earth is no longer a schoolroom where you have to learn lesson after lesson after lesson unless you desire the confinement of a classroom.

Certainly there will be opportunities to help you refine your Divine Nature, though you need not suffer, as your human nature seems to readily accept.

  This is humanity's butterfly moment; you can if you wish, fly free.