Spherical Thinking

by John Otis and Cheryl Hyland - 

A point simply designates where all energy is focused, where there is an intersection of the consciousness of all that exists.

Imagine for a moment that this point of consciousness contains all that exists. Imagine for a moment that this point of focus, this point of awareness is a statement of the infinite expression of all creation.

We come once again in the consciousness of unity, coming together as a singular point of awareness for isn’t that the ultimate point of connection for all understanding, for all awareness, for all existence?

Can you imagine such a point? 

It would be rather focused and rather complete for it if contains all that is, there is nothing other than this point.

You see, even to consider a point from the human perspective there is a relationship of observation that occurs which creates the point in a place in space where the point both contains all that exists, but also is contained within all that exists.

What we are suggesting is to consider that any concept that points the way toward an infinite statement of consciousness simply cannot be accomplished by utilizing the symbols and the awareness from the point of view or the perception of the human three dimensional experience.

There is truly a point of transcendence, a point of moving beyond the limited perception in order to perceive and to understand the infinite extent of creation.

It is not a matter of visualizing anything. For in visualization there is a transference of the linear thinking and of the limited three dimensional thinking that has persisted and held the human expression of consciousness in bondage for eons of time.

It is necessary to let go of all perceptions, to let go of all symbology and related limited perceptions. 

It is important to expand this dot, this point into an infinite expression that contains all but is not limited by the perception.

It is for this reason that we speak of going within to view all existence from a multi dimensional, we should perhaps say, spherical perspective. 

The training and involvement within the earthly school has been one of linear thinking. There are beginnings and ends.

There are movements from one point to another. There is a projection of a concept to manifest which has a beginning point and an ending point.

The linear thinking of the human expression is that which retains the awareness within the three dimensional framework of reference.

In order to expand beyond those points of reference, it is necessary to consider the opening of expression into a movement that expands infinitely outward and contains all. It has been given that the spiral has a particular energy where it starts from a point and it moves out and out and out, never ending, always expanding.

This, if one needed a symbol, would be one to ponder and to ride the waves of that expanding spiral until it indeed became beyond the limited perception and absorbed and was absorbed in all of creation.

When we say spherical thinking, we are saying think in non-linear fashion. 

Let your entire being circulate in the flow of the curvature of all existence.

Flow with the spiral of creation and feel it extend into and take you into the outer reaches where from any point or any aspect of consciousness, all can be seen, all can be known. 

This point of consciousness we refer to can expand then into an infinite sphere of awareness wherein all is contained, all is known, but yet it is not limited by human perception.

We realize that these notions are perhaps somewhat vague and somewhat beyond the process of observation of many souls for there is a tendency to look at words, to consider symbols, and to bring what is observed into the framework of reference of the linear three dimensional thinking.

We are simply suggesting to go beyond that limited thinking and to go into the sphere of consciousness and allow all thinking to simply dissolve.

Simply feel the spiraling, curving energy of creation flow with that energy and expand into the sphere of awareness that contains all and is all.

This is the point of meditation 

To transcend the human experience, to transcend the experience of mind, emotions, and physical attachment and to move into a place of nothingness, but yet wherein is contained everything.

As you observe your life around you, as you observe events and conditions, be conscious of how you are approaching each moment of observation.

Be aware of the pattern of linear thinking that creeps to the surface to sustain the pathway of human logic and intellectual connectivity. There is so much more to existence than that limited process.

Move beyond, go within, and enjoy the total freedom within the sphere of knowing the truth of the universe. Spherical observations and interactions are the pattern necessary to transcend along the pathway of evolving consciousness.

Be aware of how you are observing and let the linear limited perceptions simply fade away. Follow your inner guidance and it will take you into the sphere of universal understanding.