Your Connection to Source

by Jennifer Hoffman - 

Prayer is your connection to Source, it is the way you step into the flow and move the energy in the direction of your desired manifestation. When you pray you are affirming your divinity, creating your reality and directing the Light into the path you set for it. 

You can pray with authority, for you are the co-creator of your reality and the world around you. 

You can pray with conviction, knowing that your prayers are always heard and responded to. You can pray with trust and faith, for that is how you empower your prayers. You can pray without ceasing, letting your every thought be an affirmation of your connection to Source and a confirmation of your power. You have authority over your world and everything in it. 

You have authority over the energy of the planet. Each thought you have creates an energetic response and each thought is a prayer that either affirms your Source connection or limits it. When you pray with authority and conviction you are affirming your power and your co-creative abilities. When you pray with doubt and hope that God hears and will respond to you, your prayer lacks trust and belief. 

Any belief that you are not deserving of God's attention creates limitation and arises from your fears.

Any belief in separation is of the mind, not of spirit. Prayer creates harmony between the mind and spirit when you remember who you are. It guides the mind from fear into unconditional love and empowers the Light of your being into your consciousness. God knows you are powerful and waits for you to connect with that knowing. 

When you pray you allow the forces of Heaven to rush in to assist you for your prayers connect your free will with Divine will. When you choose to have thoughts that flow with your intention that your Highest Good manifest in your life and in the world you are praying your desires into being.

Prayer is the most powerful force in the Universe and it is your source of limitless abundance in every area of your life. 

Your prayers empower the Light, they create heaven on earth, allow unconditional love to manifest on the earth plane, open vortexes of healing and help humanity to find its way home. Pray without ceasing, remembering that every thought is a prayer. Use your power of prayer to manifest the desires of your heart and reconnect to the healing Light of unconditional love. 

The world needs your prayers to help it remember and reconnect to Source and empower the Light. This is the time to pray for yourself, the earth and for all of humanity. Let your every thought be an affirming prayer for peace, joy, abundance and unconditional love and it will manifest in the world.