Mastering Your Thoughts

by Ann Albers -

At this time upon your earth, the energy for manifestation is very strong. It is important therefore that you continue to work on mastering your thoughts so they will not master you.

There are massive negative thoughtforms present upon your planet - financial fears, fears of security, fears about the future of the world and unfortunately they are so strong that the minute you have a negative thought, you tend to tap into these vibrations and amplify your own fears or concerns. 

God's love and God's grace is always available to you, no matter what your outer circumstances - as surely as the sun is always shining whether the skies are grey and cloudy or the storms rage upon the surface of the earth.

The light is always there. 

If you take time to rest, take time to be present to your here and now and take time to pray for God's love to enter your hearts and heal any situation that causes you concern, then you will feel peace amidst chaos, abundance in a shaky economy, security amidst uncertainty and above all, love in the midst of a world that sometimes forgets how dearly every single one of you is cherished.

Mind your thoughts as if you are tending to a very beautiful garden. 

When you notice one that is negative, acknowledge its right to be, then choose a better one. For example if you feel worried about money, say to yourself, "Ok, I love the part of me that is worried but I choose to acknowledge that God loves and supports me."

If someone hurts your feelings or acts in an unkind way, say to yourself, "Ok, I acknowledge that they have a right to act in any way they choose but I also have a right to want kinder treatment.

I will forgive them but choose kinder company or choose to speak up with love or choose to simply turn away from the unkind words."

We understand it is not always easy to choose loving and kind, abundant and peaceful thoughts... and yet the rewards are plentiful if you do.

Change your inner world and watch the reflections in the outside world begin to change as well.