Relationship Shifts and Changes

by Neva J Howell - 

Relationship Struggles in the Acceleration Process:

It is an interesting phenomenon in spiritual acceleration....when we shift consciousness, it affects everything and everyone around us.

Since spiritual awakening can sometimes be a sudden shift in consciousness and perspective, we may not understand how completely and irrevocably the old paradigm is gone nor how that fact may change our closest relationships.

In fact, we often do not realize just how comfortable we have become with existing belief systems, until those belief systems can no longer be sustained.

Depending on the level of the consciousness shift, it can feel like learning to think and feel again.

Spiritual Shifts Don't Just Affect You 

At first, after a paradigm shift or energetic acceleration experience, it may just feel as if we have changed in some way but the world around us is still the same.

Then, we look around us and see that everyone close to us is reacting differently.

Sometimes this change is positive but many times, it is perceived as painful, some kind of loss or chaotic.

Why do those we love the most resist what is for our highest spiritual good? Wouldn't those who love us most want this for us?

Why would our spiritual acceleration throw loved ones into fear, resistance and personality challenge?

One reason we meet resistance when we break away from longterm or lifelong patterns of interaction with those closest to us is that this change can be construed as destructive to the family member it affects.

It can feel as if the relationship is breaking apart.

Our shift changes everything and takes everyone outside their comfort zone, sometimes in a pretty drastic way.

We may be changing but those we love may want to stay the same and they can only stay the same if we do not change.

Changing Relationships as Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening 

Whenever we make the decision to clear our negative thinking, behaviors and beliefs, to release our limiting thought paradigms and to embrace more Universal Truth, that decision shifts everyone around us.

When we decide to let go of unhealthy habits, fears and ego distractions, it can set in motion a ripple effect across every aspect of our life because those with whom we have partnered in fear, unhealthy habits and ego distractions are losing a partner.


It may surprise us, at that point, to find that our immediate circle of friends begins to change.

If those around us resist spiritual acceleration in their own lives, then our spiritual advancement becomes a threat to their desired reality.

Those who don't wish to advance may suddenly resent or dislike us.

Those who vibrate at a slower vibrational frequency than the one from which we have just shifted, may seem draining to us and not desirable to be around anymore.

Most likely, there will be those of our spiritual circle who want us back the way we were, so they can interact with us the same habitual, familiar and comfortable ways.

There may even be unconcious sabotage, designed to help us question our new consciousness and drop back into the old patterns with them.

Flux and Flow 

If we are fully committed to spiritual awakening, we will not allow this and will take action to end relationships that do not grow with us.

The more compassionately we can end them, the better we become at letting the flux and flow of people around us be ok.

Relationship shifts and changes are a normal part of the spiritual acceleration process.

We can learn to allow these changes to occur in a loving way by remembering that each soul is a sovereign master, perfectly capable of fulfilling their own unique destiny, with or without us.

Honoring Others Sovereignty 

Sometimes, our vibration will be welcomed and we will be joined in breaking free of old patterns and behaviors.

However, if this does not occur and we have those in our lives who choose to remain at slower vibrational frequency, we can honor that and trust that they will begin to be drawn to others of their own level. 

We are not really leaving anyone behind as much as we are honoring the sovereignty of each soul to choose their own rate of acceleration. 

As those of slower, more dense vibration begin to clear from our field, there will be new opportunities for connection revealed, evidenced by different kinds of people being attracted to us.

As we begin to meet these potential friends, some of which will seem to be vibrating at a slightly higher vibrational frequency than us, it is important to be alert to any suggestions from our logical mind that we have nothing in common with them.

This is an illusion based on the past.

Sometimes, we fail to recognize that we really have moved beyond an old structure of relating.

During these transitional relationship times, trust that higher vibration beings would not be coming to you, unless there was a similarity of frequency to attract them.

Decide now to welcome new experiences with others, as part of your acceleration experience.