Multidimensional Sovereignty

by Peggy Black - 

Each moment is an incredible event, yet humans fall into the complacent vibration of sameness, numb to the wonders, magic and synchronicity of their lives. Each moment is a personal connection with the divine. 

When you stay in the present moment, conscious in your own magnificence, viewing events with joy, gratitude and appreciation there is a flow, a connection to the higher matrix, the divine weaving, in which all things are possible. 

It is through the heart portal that this higher matrix is available.

Gratitude opens the channel and you step into each NOW fresh and new. Humans have a tendency to bring the past into each NOW and that shifts the dynamics.

The past will only recreate itself, slightly different in frequency, but a reflection of the same.

Each NOW that is honored offers the threshold, the gateway, the portal to your divine manifesting, your divine flow in which grace is your companion.

In this state of grace you are offering the collective a pure frequency that transforms everything it touches.

The hearts and minds of the earth dweller are awakening. 

This reality, this hologame, is a dense energy matrix woven in such a manner that it keeps you engaged, focused, and addicted.

Imagine, that the hologame you call your life which keeps you locked into a certain mindsets and actions, is only one program.

This hologame is like one of your television programs.

Part of your service is being actively engaged in this hologame which is all about the transformation of energy.

Humans are multidimensional transformers of dense low frequency vibrations. Transformation happens in the NOW in the conscious space of the heart. 

Most humans have shut down their heart. It is your service to uplift the frequency of pain, loss of love, betrayal and rejection that is carried within your personal energy field of the heart. 

When these emotional frequencies are transformed, they become gifts to the collective. 

Once the heart portal is cleared of any pain, real or imagined, it becomes a powerful transformer, used in service to transform the dense, frequencies of fear, hatred, prejudice and numbness that is in the collective.

A powerful alchemical practice is to breathe into your heart the suffering of the world and breathe it out transformed.

Another powerful alchemical practice is offering your joy, gratitude and appreciation into each NOW from awareness of your multidimensional sovereignty. 

We embrace you with gratitude and we leave you with the invitation to stay in your heart, stay in your NOW, flooding both with joy, gratitude and appreciation.