Tapping Into Soul Level Information

by Deepak Chopra -

Everything is Connected to Everything Else:

In the physical world, we have many different ways of acquiring information: Newspapers, books, television, radio, cell phone conversations, shortwave radios–all these ways of tapping into various kinds of information, and many more, are readily available to us. You can simply tune in to them with your sensory apparatus–look, listen, feel, smell, taste the environment around you. 

If you want to tap in to the information at the level of the soul, you need a different way to get the information.

We don’t normally have our attention in that unseen dimension but everything that’s happening in the visible world has its roots there. Everything is connected with everything else. In the spiritual world, those connections become visible. In the physical world, we only glimpse the connections in the clues given to us through coincidence.

As our attention creates energy, intention brings about the transformation of that energy. 

Attention and Intention

Attention and intention are the most powerful tools of the spiritually adept. They are the triggers for attracting both a certain kind of energy and a certain kind of information.

So the more attention you put on coincidences, the more you attract other coincidences, which will help you clarify their meaning. Putting your attention on the coincidence attracts the energy and then asking the question, “What does it mean?” attracts the information.

The answer might come as a certain insight or intuitive feeling or an encounter or a new relationship. 

The more attention you put on coincidences and the more you inquire into their significance, the more often the coincidences occur and the more clearly their meaning comes into view.

excerpt from 'The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire'

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