Developing Peace and Light Within

by Mashubi Rochell -

The blessing of greater light on the Earth is opening new possibilities for all of humanity. Because there still exists the covering of energies of darkness within the energetic atmosphere of the Earth, it is not always possible to perceive the light or the new possibilities that are unfolding.

It is important during this time to have the opportunity to develop an inner anchor of peace and light, even when events and energies are swirling around you.

The presence of divine peace exists as a vibration that is a part of divine light and you can access this energy with intention and prayer.

The pace of events continues to accelerate and many souls are involved in a process of transition to the next level of their service to God.

For some this transition involves stepping out of the realms of physical existence into the next life. For some this involves being the unexpected stewards of new life that is arriving on the Earth.

Movement and Change
For some this service involves assuming new responsibilities, visibility and leadership within the realm of Earthly affairs.  
For some this transition involves passing their previous roles and responsibilities gratefully and gracefully to the next generation of lightworkers.  
For all souls it is a time of movement and change, transition and transformation.

Stepping Forward

The next generation of lightworkers are preparing to enter into the realm of active and visible service, working alongside their brothers and sister of the light.

These beings carry a different vibration that may at first not be visible but that is intended to anchor a new level of God's light into the Earthly dimension of physical matter.

Stepping forward is not easy for these souls who have suffered greatly under the recent spiritual atmosphere and because their vibration has attracted oppositional energies which have created many obstacles, challenges and delays in their work.

The time is ripe for receiving the new blessings of God's light. 

Hold the intention to strengthen inner peace, inner light and divine love in your heart during this time of great movement and transformation.  
Anchor the strength of light in your body to nourish and sustain you during the challenges of this time.  
We bow to you, devoted lightworkers and servants of God. May God continue to bless you, keep you and support you in your holy work. With all love and blessings, Amen.

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