The Process of Becoming Free

by Julie Redstone -

Physical Change and the New Light Body:

There is much happening today to the physical body as a result of increased light. New and unexplainable symptoms may be appearing that had never been seen before or that one thought were long gone.

Like a pot of water that manifests bubbles on the surface as it boils, so too, does the body rid itself of things that have been concealed below the surface by bubbling up with the energies that need to be released.

This time of releasing within one's own body needs to be treated gently and with respect. 

In truth, you cannot just will the symptoms away and in some cases not even conventional forms of treatment will be effective.

It is a new time and a new body is being created for all living beings and so that which cannot resonate with light is erupting now as physical symptoms or mental or emotional symptoms that are part of the process of becoming free.

Take the time to rest and to treat your body gently if you are feeling a need to do so. 

Rest and the drinking of pure water helps the body to release energies more easily, allowing the natural process to take its course.

The result of this time will not be more illness but a freeing of the body to take its place as a vessel that can carry its own light and transmit it to others. This is a blessing and those who may endure a difficult process in this regard are actually helping the planet as they do so. Namaste.

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