Overcoming the 'Why Even Bother' Mentality

by Kenia Morales -

So many individuals feel disappointed of themselves because of the mistakes that they have made in life. In fact many do not only feel disappointed but some are even looked down on by their family and peers. 

These individuals are often referred as the "black sheep" or the "bad seed"

These labels whether believed by oneself or others are somewhat devastating, the negative image will always dampen their positive qualities. 

Not only will outsiders overlook the good points but it will also paralyze the individual from trying to do anything different.

It is very hard to feel confident about trying anything new once one sees self in such a negative light. Let's call it the "why even bother mentality"

This type of mentality is based on fear. It is being scared of even trying to do anything positive. 

Once a person's confidence has been crushed it can not stand to make errors or won't even believe to be capable of accomplishing anything positive.

For those individuals affected by the "why even bother mentality" you can get rid of this negative state of mind by keeping in mind that we all make mistakes and that they are simply part of life. 

In fact it is how we mature. 

We fall, pick up, learn and keep on moving with new insightful knowledge. So, for your own sake keep in mind that you are not your mistakes and you can always learn a valuable lesson from experiences. 

They will help you make wiser choices the next time around. Instead learn to appreciate both positive and negative experiences each in their own way.

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