Turning Chaos into Peace

by Jennifer Hoffman -

Love in Action:

Love is your Source connection and it is your gift to the world. Through love you express your divinity and share your light.

Without love, the Earth is in darkness and fear, as those are the energies of the third dimension. When you put your love into action, by loving yourself and others, you bring the energy of higher dimensions to raise the earth's vibrations.

This is your purpose as emissaries of the light, to bring love to the earth and yet you feel that you have failed because you look for love from the Earth and do not find it. You are love and putting your love into action is necessary for ascension and transformation.

Your karmic journey is one of seeking love from others to prove to yourself that love exists on the earth. It does exist but only because you and others are its source.

Love comes from Source but it is expressed through you. Until the earth can hold a vibration of love it is necessary for you to express love at all times. It is not enough to love once and expect the love vibration to continue, you must be love in all ways, to all people and in all things.

Love yourselves first, because this acknowledges the divine within and love others, which reminds them of their own divinity.

You are wounded by others when you expect them to return your love in equal measure. You look to others for love, forgetting that unlimited love already exists within your soul. If there is proof of love in the world it is because you have worked for eons to create the vibration of love for the earth.

This vibration needs maintenance and support and constant replenishing by your willingness to be love in action, to express the vibration of love in all that you do. You are here to teach the Earth about love by being its source of love.

You are love in action when you express love from your divine center. This is not love based on the emotions, karma, your obligations or commitments. This is the same love that allows the beautiful flowers to bloom, the sun to rise and the stars to shine.

This love is the creation that flourishes all around you, that creates the beauty and splendor of the earth. And it is a gift to you from Source and those who know and are connected to this love gift it to the Earth.

Spend each moment expressing love, being love in action and allowing the earth to be supported in its transformation and ascension. This is how you will create heaven on earth, turn fear into love, chaos into peace and show the world its light through love.

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