The Conduit for Peaceful Energies

by Jennifer Hoffman -

Peace In Action:

Your journey of mastery is a search for peace, the calm in the storm that is the energy of the third dimension. You seek peace in this storm and wonder why you cannot find it.

There is no peace to be found on earth for peace is a gift from Source, the light that gives form to the darkness. This peace resides within you as your connection to Home, to Source, to your inner center of light that is within each of you. 

You are peace in action when you connect to this center and bring peace to the earth.

When you give unconditional love you are giving the gift of peace, which is the still voice within reminding you of your mission as Lightworkers and heralds of the new earth. You believe you have come to earth to find peace, to find the support and connection you believe is necessary for you to complete your work here. But your mission was to bring peace, which is bringing heaven on earth. You will not find it outside of yourself and cannot create it unless you manifest it from within.

The peace you seek is within you, centered in your light.

The earth has no peace to give you for that is not its mission. Within every mountain there is a volcano, every cloud contains a storm, rains create floods and the sun both warms and burns.

Peace transforms these energies into their higher octaves and the earth waits for you to extend the gift of peace you hold for its transformation.

When you love yourself you create peace in your life. 

When you love others you open them to the peace that they have forgotten exists in the Universe because they cannot find it on earth.

The third dimension is not a peaceful place, it is a storm of emotions and energies that know polarity and seek balance. It is not possible for peace to exist on earth without your help.

Within your divine center you have peace, knowledge, wisdom and understanding. 

It is your voice of guidance that steers you from karma and the pain of your emotions to stillness. And within the stillness is peace. This is what you radiate to the earth as you remember your mission to create peace on earth, to be emissaries of peace and divine love.

Do not look for peace on earth, be peace in action and give the earth your gift of peace. You are the conduit for the energies of peace and love for the earth. Let them flow through you so the earth can receive what it needs for its ascension and to establish the template for the energies of heaven on earth.

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