The Solution is Always Love


by Nick Ralls -

Drawing Others Closer:

I change my view on people when I get to know them better, become closer to them and understand them more. When we draw people closer and do not push them away we have the chance to honour and love them more.

Changing the way I look at people, changes the way I see the world. I seek to see love, only love.

OUR view on people changes when we get to know them better, become closer, start to deconstruct the barriers that separate us. Our viewpoint moves closer to love.

When we seek to judge people, stereotype them or give them their own special label, we create division, distance and grave misunderstanding.

It is from this separation, from this distance that conflict happens, wars take place. And it is much easier to harm or even kill another. But when we bring people closer, seek to dissolve differences, relate and connect, it is so much harder to hurt them.

The moment one side in a conflict can fully explore and relate to the feelings of those on the other side, all war and conflict becomes hopelessly meaningless and unnecessary. 

To be a true peace maker the aim is to bring the so called enemy closer, to understand him or her, to step into their shoes, to see the world from their eyes and to have compassion for how they think they way to do.

Just as it is possible to love intensely and passionately so it is also possible to hate intensely and passionately. These are the two opposites here. So to better understand those who hurl the bricks at us, we need so much to see how people are driven to hate so ferociously.

We need to see just what it takes to make someone in such a place of fear and lovelessness that they want to lash out and kill. And this is true for all those in the world who seek solutions through violence and warfare. This can happen globally, between nations, within communities and even within households and circles of friends.

The solution is always love. 

The problem is always being out of love. All our problems in the world happen when we abandon our loving connection, our oneness and we step into another world which dwells on individual power, fear, isolation and separation.

The moment you or I set ourselves apart from anyone, yes anyone, we are helping to bring disunity to the collective of which we are part. The moment you or I set to be different from this human being or that, better or worse, then we are creating dividing lines in the collective which will bring a lack of peace for all of us.

When you and I seek to understand the troubled mind in our midst, seek to include even those most challenging of people then we bring an energy to the collective which reminds of us our oneness and our unity.

So the closer we get to someone, the more we listen to them, hear their story with open mind and open ears, the more we connect our heart to our ears and to our mouth, then the more our view changes towards them. Put simply, the more we fall in love with them for how they are healing and moving in the direction of love.

Love is the big magnet... it draws each of us to itself.

We might perceive people resisting the pull, being drawn far too slowly or seeking to repel the force but ultimately their power to withdraw, isolate and resist will weaken as the magnet relentlessly pulls in their direction to bring them back to their home which is love.

So let's change our view about people, view them through the eyes of love once we see more clearly where they are coming from so that we can love them more dearly.

We as a society fail dismally when we seek revenge against people, even put them to death, build more prisons to keep people out of society and build more walls around our borders to protect ourselves.

The mind is so protective. The heart is made of a different energy.

It seeks to heal, to love and to connect. 

So let us connect our heart to all parts of us including our mind, our actions and our words. So that we can change our view of the world. We can change to love. Then we become real. Because love is real and is all there is.

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