Energy Flow and Blockages

by Louise L. Hay -

Blockages, with regards to the body, have to do with energy flow. There is an energy flow that runs through the body that is not flow of blood but has everything to do with the condition of flow of blood to the various parts of the body, as well as the condition of all the organs and tissues in the body.

Energy is what is needed to live. Your whole body circulates energy in order for all parts to move and operate efficiently and with good health. This circulation allows not only for the body's functions to move freely, but also for flushing of toxins out and away from the organs and tissues. 

If there are blocks in this energy flow, physical effects will come about, such as pain, stiffness, pressure, lethargy and a multitude of other symptoms.

As you age your energy naturally wanes, but aging is not the cause for illness. 

Blockages create an environment for illness to manifest, where aging does not. Aging is often misinterpreted as a cause for illness, but the reality is that blockages, when left to exist without address, will eventually and ultimately manifest and the body, as its energy wanes with age, eventually becomes unable to uphold the energy it takes to fend off the effects of blockages, which were already there.

When there is a lag in the network of energy circulation, and the lag stays that way for an extended period of time, there can manifest a blockage. A blockage is like a traffic jam in the flow of energy, caused by tensions of various sorts. If it is not addressed, it can lead to all kinds of problems. 

The body and all its internal operations needs circulation, and so like anything that needs to have flow, if the flow lags, there follows stagnation which can lead to toxic build-up, which can further lead to pain and breakdown and indeed, decay, disease and death. 

Blockages are not pretty and the awareness of them and the reality of their effect on one's energy is extremely pertinent to healing the body and mind.

What Is the Cause of a Blockage?

Aside from physical injury, much of it begins in the mind - in the emotions. By now, most us have heard about how stress affects the body. Stress is basically negative physical responses brought on the body by negative emotions, such as anger, grief, resentment, hate, jealousy, fear, worry, suppression of emotions, etc. 

These emotions/ways of thinking, if not resolved to a peaceful state will continue to live and become chronic, which will cause physical symptoms. The body follows what the mind dictates, whether we are aware of it or not. Our minds and bodies work as one, if the mind is ill at ease, then the body becomes aware of this message and responds accordingly.

Inherited Influences

Another root cause of blockages can be found in inherited influences. Ancestral influence is no different than what I spoke of above. The only difference is that it is not ours or so we think (actually, like the color of our eyes, hair, etc., emotional issues also become our own when passed on through inheritance). 

As our bodies are inherited from our ancestors, so are aspects of mind. Nothing we have is entirely ours without connection to the ones that have come before us. Our bodies were made from our parents', which were made from their parents' and so on back. So it follows that much of our minds and our emotions can be also passed on. 

Consider the times you've heard someone say something similar to this: "Oh he sounds just like his grandfather", or "She acts just like her aunt so and so …", or "I don't know why I feel that way, I just do. It's who I am." These can point to inherited influences. Inherited influences can thus also create blockages in our bodies.

Peace of Mind

When we understand how illness has its roots in the mind affecting our energy and health, then a place where we must focus when healing the self is on our mind. At peace is where the body functions most effortlessly. So, a peaceful state of mind is what we need to focus on returning to. 

To begin that journey, we need to look fearlessly, honestly and shamelessly at our minds, not to be afraid of what we are truly thinking or feeling, not to be ashamed of our attitudes but to see it as it is, because it is there that we will find much insight on who we really are and how our health is connected.

A place of total self-honesty is a good starting point for learning to return back to a peaceful state. Without knowing the truth, there is no way to begin to heal. 

For most of us there are so many issues to work out, it feels overwhelming and almost futile. One day at a time….and sometimes, it's one moment at a time. 

Focus on resolution with patience and persistence. There are many roads and it's up to the individual to discover which ones are suitable to bring oneself to a peaceful state.