The Gift of Truth

by Jennifer Hoffman -

All of humanity is on a journey of truth, to find the truth of their inner divinity and proof of the love their ego longs for. What they are seeking is connection to the unconditional love that is present in their Source connection. But since they seek it in the world, they do not find it because each of you is on the same journey. How can you give to others what you yourself are searching for? They seek this truth through control, domination and fear. They reject in others what they cannot find in themselves. You can become engaged in a battle of wills with others or you can give them what they are looking for, through the gift of truth.

Those who challenge your honor, divinity and truth are speaking through the voice of their fear. Give them the gift of truth by honoring their path and acknowledging their pain. They see in you what they wish for themselves. Their pain prevents them from acknowledging their own divinity so they are not willing to allow you to be in yours. You can help them see a higher truth but this makes them wrong. And in their pain and anger, they are right because that is their path to healing.

The gift of truth is NOT about telling others they are wrong, on the wrong path or have wrong beliefs. It is letting them know that they are right in their beliefs and with their path. This is their healing journey and allowing them to be in the truth of their pain is your gift. While you may believe they want your truth of a vision of their highest potential, they need to be where they are. Until they can forgive themselves, your gift of forgiveness and healing is misunderstood and will be rejected.

Your gift of truth allows you to connect with others from your highest self. It is the ego that wants to convince them they are wrong, to help them heal by moving them into a higher energy so they can acknowledge your divinity. Agree with them in spirit by acknowledging the truth of their current reality. Then you are free from the healing obligations you impose on yourself and allow them to find other teachers. The new energy of this time is freedom for each of you, from karma, from healing others, from your ego's desire for recognition. The gift of truth allows you to be in the truth of your own divinity and the beauty of your path, aligned with the joy, abundance, peace and love that are part of your mastery.