True Spiritual Guidance

by Mashubi Rochell -

What is spiritual guidance? 

How can I find my own source of inner guidance? How do I know when my intuition is true? When do I listen to the spiritual guidance of other people? These are the kinds of questions that emerge when we begin to seek to develop our inner spiritual guidance.

Inner wisdom is an inborn and natural gift, given to us by God in order to facilitate the connection between our soul and our embodied self. Often our intuition is operating in our lives on a daily basis, without our even knowing it!

The practice of regular prayer or meditation can help us to re-connect with your own inner source of spiritual guidance. 

Additionally, it can be helpful to access the wisdom of spiritual teachers or spiritual guides who can help us to re-connect with our own source of inner wisdom.

This is not always as simple a process as it may seem, for spiritual guidance can be distorted by inner blockages or pain that we carry. It takes a while to develop the capacity for discernment.


How to Recognize Spiritual Guidance


One of my spiritual mentors used to say that inner wisdom and intuition speaks quietly, with the voice of Love and warmth and will repeat itself as often as necessary. 

Inner wisdom often comes with a feeling of "rightness" and a feeling of love, warmth, comfort and even joy.

We all contain within us a spark of God's light and love in our hearts, that is able to perceive divine love and truth. In today's secular world, many times this part of us gets covered over by social conditioning.


How to Develop Discernment 


When you are reading or listening to spiritual guidance offered by a channel, spiritual guide or teacher, always, notice how it feels to you. How do you feel in your body and your emotions? The presence of God's love and Light has a certain vibration that can be felt.

Inner guidance that encourages you to harm others, or yourself, or that encourages you to focus hatred or negativity towards other people is a distortion and is not clear spiritual guidance, because is it not aligned with God's love.

Guidance is intended to help you to open your own source of inner wisdom. 

Some language and concepts that are used to share inner guidance may be unfamiliar to you, or may differ from your own experiences or spiritual beliefs. That's OK, the important thing is to receive what information or energy is helpful for you, and to let go of what is not helpful.


How To Connect With Your Guidance


It is very important that you never accept blindly what any minister, priest, rabbi, spiritual healer, channel or any other spiritual guide says.

Always receive spiritual guidance through your own inner "truth meter". Your heart knows what truth is, what love is, and what light is. Ask yourself what about this feels true? What do I resonate with? What does not feel true for me?

We are taught from an early age to override our natural inner wisdom, so if you have difficulty connecting with your own inner truth, make a commitment to sit quietly for 15 minutes in meditation each day.

You can use any meditation technique that works for you, or you can simply sit quietly placing your hand on your heart, and focus attention on your breath and on being in the present moment.

Whenever the mind strays, or wanders into obsessive thinking, simply notice this and bring your attention back to your breath and to the present moment. 

Free yourself from judgment, as the mind tends to be very active and you will find yourself bringing yourself back to your breath many, many times.

A meditation practice like this can truly transform your life and your consciousness. It is simple and profound, and will reconnect you with your own spiritual guidance.

The goal of any form of true spiritual guidance that comes from another to you, is to help you reconnect with God and with your own Spirit.

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