Vibrational Reality


by Mashubi Rochell -

Your entrance into a new vibrational reality has reached a new and significant step which is now requiring greater attention to your light body, your energy bodies and your physical health. 

The growing spiritual light on the Earth has now established a focus point within physically manifest reality, which is beginning to accelerate the changes to all physical bodies. 

For some this is manifesting as an increase in unexplainable physical or energetic symptoms and for many is manifesting as a more profound sense of exhaustion. The exhaustion is primarily energetic; however it has a big impact on the physical body and also on consciousness.

Another effect that this new light is having is that many sensitive souls are feeling more porous to energies. 

This is the result of the light body expanding in light, which acts electromagnetically upon all other energy fields in its presence. This means that at all times your energy body is in relationship with all other bodies and also physical objects and with the physical Earth itself.

As light grows stronger, it begins to have a healing effect on everything around it. 

Light amplifies the light in others and also activates negative energies so they can be separated out from consciousness and released. This can create a great deal of complexity in daily life, as seemingly ordinary actions and interactions can have larger, unexpected effects.


Rebalancing Process

What is most helpful at this time is to develop a physical place of sanctuary in your home that can hold a higher vibration of light, so that your energy field can rest and also strengthen in light. 

Simply scheduling more time to rest or to be at home can make a difference in your body's ability to manage the increasing intensity levels.

This is a time on the Earth when many crises are happening, many changes are in process, and so it may feel as though there is little time to rest. 

On one level this is true and yet on another level, your ability to hold more light without getting drained or overloaded has a very significant benefit to the entire planet and to all those around you. 

It is important to balance the many needs of this time so that you can feel healthy and clear even while so much is happening all around you.

The Earth herself is involved in a large scale healing and rebalancing process. 

Her energy body is releasing significant energies of darkness that were accumulated in her long previous cycle of supporting humankind during a time when people were not aware of the impact their actions were having.

Now, as humanity awakens to the reality that all of life is sacred and that all of life is interconnected, the growing light is allowing a release of the many heavy burdens that the Earth has carried. 

This is an intense release process and some sensitive souls who are attuned to this process are feeling the energies in their bodies.

Please know that the light you carry is helping the Earth and helping all those around you. Nurture and protect the light, give it importance in your daily life. 

Open your heart to what the light is saying to you and allow yourself to share freely all that you can.

We give great thanks, love, light and blessings to you for your faithful service to the One. With all love and blessings, Amen.

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