Creating Your Reality


by Judy Miller Dienst -

You create your own reality all the time, consciously or subconsciously. When your negative inner thoughts, inner critic, mind-stuff, monkey-mind chatter, accuser, abuser, enemy, the dark-side, or the devil, call it what you may, is allowed your life will be difficult.

We manifest what we think, feel and speak every moment. 

The Universe always says, “YES!” We always have choice as to what we allow into our thoughts and what we create in our lives. You may think you don’t have choice or that it is impossible to stop the negative thinking, but you are mistaken.

 God gave us one of the most valuable gifts possible. We were given free will. We all have free will, i.e. choice, every moment whether to be connected to the Divine Source of ALL or not to connect and stay in the fear and challenges.

If your self talk gives messages such as, “I am no good, I will never amount to anything. I am a mess, who would want me?”, know that it is NOT okay to accept this verbal abuse from anyone, including your inner voice.

Stop the self talk that knocks you down, criticizes, and judges you. Become your own champion. Fight for yourself! This ego mind has to be controlled or it will control you!

God does not judge you or belittle you. 

If you judge or belittle yourself or allow others to do this to you, it’s time to wake up, step up and take action for change.

You may feel beaten down because of what happened to you in the past. You may blame yourself or feel guilty for choices you made in the past. The Source doesn’t judge you. Spirit doesn’t remember your past mistakes.

It’s time you let go of these thoughts and STOP condemning yourself. It’s time to forgive yourself and make every effort to stop your ego/inner critical negative thinking. Make room for Spirit to come into your heart, into your thoughts, into your life.

Replace the negative thinking and self talk with the words and thoughts of loving kindness.

We cannot give to others what we don’t have. 

Self love, forgiveness, and kindness begin within. Too often religion told us to love our neighbor, give to others, be kind to others, however, rarely, if ever, were we told to love ourselves, be kind and giving to ourselves.

Instead we were taught that to love ones self was ego based and selfish. It’s never too late to learn how to be kind and loving to yourself. It begins with changing the inner thoughts and quieting the negative inner voice, which will allow a positive inner and outer voice and feelings of joy.

Awareness and knowledge is the first step toward healing. 

Ernest Holmes, founder and author of Science of Mind, says
We suffer because we are not in both conscious and subjective communication with the affirmative side of the Universe. All human misery is a result of ignorance; and nothing but knowledge can free us from this ignorance and its effect.”
Stop Sign Technique

I learned a powerful technique over twenty years ago that I want to pass on to you. I call it the “STOP SIGN” technique.

Take a moment to close your eyes and envision a large, bold, red and white STOP sign in your mind’s eye. (If you have a challenge with mental imagining, then allow yourself to experience the stop sign through a vibration, a feeling, a sound, or a knowing.)

Each and every time you hear a negative thought, criticizing, judging, blaming, shaming, manipulating, or procrastinating, call the stop sign into your mind’s eye and mentally yell the word “STOP!”

Or do as I sometimes do; yell “STOP” out loud and as loud as you can! The negative thought (the ego) will become quiet. It’s as though the ego says, “You talk’n to me?”

There will be silence. Heavenly silence! If the negative thought returns use the technique again and again. You cannot stop sign yourself to death!

The key is to USE the technique. It won’t work if you don’t use it.You can’t change the past but you can change your relationship with the past.

Envision something else.

Rescue yourself from your past memories. Dwelling in what no longer exists is the work of the “dark side ego” and a total waste of time and energy.

It’s impossible to be in the NOW when your attention is pulled into what was.

The past and the future are illusions. They do not exist. The past is a previous now and the future is a now that hasn’t happened yet.

You only have this moment. Breathe into this moment. Whatever the appearances, know that this moment is filled with the energy and love of the Source of All that Is!

In this moment you are safe, you are loved, you are fulfilled, you are richly abundant, you are whole and healthy and happy.

As you become your very own personal champion you will become conscious of your mind chatter. If it doesn’t feel good, doesn’t sound loving and kind and it doesn’t support you in remaining in the present moment, use your STOP sign technique and fill the silence with a loving, kind, self-affirming thought and feel the peace.

Use positive statements such as, “I am good enough, I love myself unconditionally, I am loving, kind and compassionate. I am grateful for my excellent health and the abundance that flows to me continuously.”

What you claim in this moment will be the law of your life. 

Create a new reality! Remember you are love and you are loved!

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