No Means Yes and Yes Means No?

by Jennifer Hoffman -

While every situation is an opportunity to accept or decline, accept doesn't always mean 'yes' and decline doesn't always mean 'no'. Sometimes we accept something by declining it and what we decline indicates our willingness to accept something else.

How can we know we're making the best and right choice? By understanding what we want as an outcome and keeping our focus on our intention, while remaining open to the 'extra' that the Universe can send our way.

Sometimes our most empowering choices can be those in which we intentionally and consciously decide to say 'no' and by doing this we are actually saying 'yes' to a disempowered part of ourselves that needed to make this choice.

Declining can be a powerful tool that reminds that we do have choices in every situation and our 'no' to something is a 'yes' to ourselves.

Through our ability to see that declining is an option we are actually closing one door and opening another, releasing our fear and stepping into love and all of the power that goes along with being in this energy.

Other times, we can accept something that triggers some of our deepest fears and this choice allows us to finally move beyond them, something we may have been unable to do for many lifetimes.

Can we accept that we deserve success, love and joy? Are we able to accept an opportunity to do something for ourselves that moves us beyond others' needs and expectations? 

This can be an empowering moment in our life and one that we may have taken lifetimes to be able to achieve.

Are we willing to accept love, joy and success, no matter what has happened in the past? Our deepest fears are rooted in the past and by accepting to move into something that scares us, we are saying 'yes' to us and 'no' to the fear.

Our reality is created one choice at a time and when we choose with conscious intention, putting ourselves and our needs first, we affirm our divine birthright of fulfillment in every area of our life and move beyond whatever limitations our fears have imposed on us.

While they can be very powerful, our desire to be happy, to know what life can be like when we live firmly grounded in our power, is even more compelling. And as we choose through our power and our highest good, we affirm that we want the best for ourselves and our life and are willing to allow that to happen.

Yes to This and No to That

Every lesson is part of our journey of spiritual growth and understanding which we select through our choices. Each choice has its own path and outcome and what we 'accept' or 'decline' highlights a single path and its potential outcomes. 

As we 'accept' one lesson we automatically decline others because they are not available to us while we're in this lesson. This is an 'all or nothing' choice too, because we cannot say 'yes' to part of a lesson and 'no' to other parts. But, we can change our mind at any time when we are ready to stop and take another path to our healing.

We may regret the path not taken but all other options are unavailable until we gain the level of spiritual understanding that is necessary to know and connect to something else.

That said, when we are ready for something new all of the paths we have previously declined become available to us at new and higher levels of vibration. What we can choose from, at any moment, though, is what resonates with us. 

One important note here

We have no way of knowing all of the lessons included in what we decline so whatever we are guided to decline may be in our highest good over the long term. That's why regret is not the best use of our energy.

As soon as we understand the lesson and its healing purpose we no longer have to follow that path and are ready to make new choices.

Although we think that we have to see something through to our anticipated or expected outcome, all we have to do is realize that there are other potential choices for our life. 

There is no divinely mandated end to any situation because we have to decide when a lesson is finished. We choose the end, just as we choose the beginning. And when we realize that a lesson is over, it has achieved its purpose in our life.

Each path contains learning that we need to experience or we would not choose that path. 

There are no accidental choices, each thing we are attracted to has an energetic connection with us which corresponds an area of healing.

The stronger the attraction the more important and powerful the lesson and healing.

We accept what our soul needs to heal and decline what we are not yet ready for or what we have not yet learned enough to be able to experience.

Then we repeat that process countless times during the course of our many lifetimes as we continue through the spiral of learning, healing, growth and transformation that is our ascension path.