In the Safety of Omnipresent Love

by Becca Lewis -

As my granddaughter nimbly climbed up onto the counter to open a cupboard I asked her if she was allowed to do that. Her answer, "But Mom doesn't know." When I asked her if that was a safe thing to do her answer was, "I am very careful with myself."

How many things do we do that our answer might be the same, "God doesn't know and I am very careful with myself."

Of course, her Mom knew and of course, God knows because Omnipresence really does mean everywhere.

It works both ways of course. Since God is Omnipresence — or everywhere — then the good news is that there is nowhere that Love is not. It's easy to forget this Truth as we appear to live our lives as individual personalities separate from Infinite Love.

Thinking ourselves separate from the Omnipresence of Love, we could find ourselves worrying over not having things that we need or can't find, or family and even world problems. However, when we are willing to start with the premise of Omnipresent Love then it becomes apparent that the perception of separateness is the separateness.

Once we let go of our human sense of others and ourselves and shift to the Spiritual Perception of the Omnipresence of Love — and stay there — it must follow that what seems to appear outside ourselves will be more in tune with the Truth of Infinite Love revealed to us in practical useable forms.

Then there is the "I am very careful with myself." Good start isn't it? However, how careful can we be with ourselves when there is so much happening that we don't have any control over?

The truth is we have no control over anything except our thoughts — our perceptions. Not to worry, controlling our perception will occupy enough time that we won't have to feel deprived of not being able to control anything else.

This control is not in the form of will power or making it happen. This control is in the form of correcting our perception first of God, then of ourselves and others, then denying anything that is not of God and then finally holding to the Truth of our Oneness as Spiritual Beings.

This is being very careful with ourselves. This is letting go of personality and how we think things should be and staying in the safety of Omnipresent Love.