The Rising of Global Citizenry

by Bayo Akomolafe PhD - 

Our Story of Truth is Changing: 

“I see the movements for change evolving like a neural net, with each element making more and more connections to others so that eventually it’s a highly integrated network with fast communication in all directions.” 
--Survey Participant
Thanks to science itself, we are finding that truth isn’t an objective referent and that we are not as divorced from the world as we are compelled to think.

Instead of seeing truth as the ‘final cornerstone the builders rejected,’ ‘the arriving messiah with judgment in his right fist,’ or the resolute law of things, we are envisioning truth as a participatory festival, a shared event, a gendered space, an improvisation.

We are seeing that we are not merely connected but that we are derived from the spaces in-between.

Thus, a silent revolution is brewing underneath the surface of things, revivifying primal myths, activating dormant modes of awareness and rearranging the substructures of human experience.

Our civilization, built on the myths of isolation, is giving way to heterotopias made possible by potent visions of our real power together.

Almost suddenly, the atmosphere is pregnant with different species of hope, a teenage angst, an unsettling feeling of something approaching and a new sense of agency—the very ingredients we have always used to stir new realities.

You might notice it yourself—this natural mystique in the air—if you leaned in for a more intimate view: how people across the world are coming out of their containing consumerist myths and experimenting with living in a wider spectrum of values.

You might notice how a global citizenry is rising to concretize the growing awareness that we are unabashedly and ineluctably one.

It is upon this very noticing, this apparently trivial noticing of things and of each other, that more beautiful worlds—ones which our former spin on truth could never have deciphered— are found.

About Author: Bayo Akomolafe, PhD is a clinical psychologist, lecturer and author.

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