How to Change Negative Internalized Messages

by Egan Sanders -

Often people who are looking to express their full potential ascribe great power to positive thinking, affirmation, prayer and visualization.

A goal is set to create a better life by reversing and transforming negative messages. In working on this goal it can feel as if we are fighting a fierce, uphill battle to change undesirable parts of our psychological and emotional programming.

One source of these self-defeating thoughts is that from birth we pick up and then internalize both positive and negative ideas from our experiences, surroundings and the mass consciousness.

Many negative messages get planted early on and then steadily grow over the years like hidden weeds. They can unconsciously become an integral part of our attitudes, beliefs and reality.

This process can have unanticipated consequences. A drive to create a financial fortune, for example, can be based on a feeling of inferiority.

The desire for fame can stem from a hidden belief that to be of true value you must be loved by the masses. Accepting abuse in a relationship can originate from being brainwashed as a child to accept a low self- image.

Here are a series of loving, supportive messages that can assist you to clear away negative concepts. 

There is no complicated technique to work with them; imagine telling yourself these things as you read them and imagine that everyone you meet and that everyone you know, communicates these ideas to you in their own way.

1. You Are Enough
  • You are innately good. Everything about you is created from goodness. You are more than good enough.
  • You are valid. Your thoughts are valid. Your feelings are valid. Your viewpoint is valid. You deserve respect, compassion and fair treatment.
  • It is okay to honor your deepest, truest feelings. You can trust your deepest, truest feelings. You can listen to and act upon your deepest, truest feelings.
  • It’s okay to be different from other people; you are a one of a kind creation.
  • It is okay to see things differently than other people.
  • You are an explorer. You are exploring life in your own unique way.
  • You are fine just the way you are.
2. You are Loved Unconditionally by a Loving, Universal Presence
  • Receiving love is as easy as breathing.
  • A loving, Universal Presence loves you no matter what. The only requirement to receive love is to exist.
  • The presence of love in many forms is always at hand.
  • Love is omnipresent. The supply of love is infinite. Love exists everywhere.
  • You can receive all the love you desire. You are surrounded by love. When you focus on love, you are love.
  • You can allow yourself to have the awareness and acceptance that you are loved, and that you are love, and that you are enough.
  • You are equal to everyone else – no matter what. What you feel and think do count.
  • You have unconditional love for yourself and all seeming “others”.
  • You are able to reframe the seeming negative into the obviously positive by imagining that everything you see and experience is your own creation.
  • You are worthy of being loved and accepted just as you are.
  • You can praise yourself. You can acknowledge yourself.
  • It’s okay to make an honest mistake; you learn as you go.
3. You Can Have What You Want
  • You are worthy and deserving. You deserve good things. You have an awareness and acceptance of your intrinsic deserve-ability. You deserve health, wealth, love, expression and well-being.
  • There is plenty for all. You have unlimited resources to work with. You can create whatever you want with ease, joy, fun and wonder. It is okay to have and be connected to and surrounded by what you want, desire and prefer.
  • It is okay to be happy, to have good things in your life, and feel supported. You are only responsible for your own happiness; by doing what is loving and honoring for yourself you are an example of it to others.
  • Your outer world can be changed from within yourself. You are a creator; you can consciously create your reality in any way that you prefer. You are free of the past. You can write your own future. You can easily release anything that is not for your highest good. It is a joy to embrace the new that is truly good for you.
  • You look for the outer evidence that supports the reality of what you want in your own life. You can trust the universe to bring you what you want at the right time and in the right way, once you have gotten clear about what you want and asked for it.
  • You can trust and allow your Highest Good. You are free.
4. You are Unlimited
  • If you persist and insist - the impossible cannot resist. Everything is connected – you are connected to everything.
  • You have the knowledge and the power to do, be, have or experience anything.
  • You can do it. It is possible. You can create whatever you want to do, be, have, and/or experience.
  • You are connected to and supported by the energies, people, resources, ideas and power that allow you the infinite ability to create the reality that you most prefer.
  • Universal Law allows you to be a free being and a free creator.
  • You can expand beyond what is possible in your reality with ease, joy, fun and wonder. Thriving, succeeding, expanding, and expressing are choices.
5. Life is Good
  • Life experiences can all be used to help you grow, learn, and discover fulfillment.
  • Life is beautiful and filled with so many wonderful opportunities for you.
  • Grace and ease are other ways to meet life’s challenges.
  • Ease, joy, fun and wonder unfold before you.
Just one new idea can make a difference when you apply it consistently. There are many effective ways to change harmful, internalized messages.

What would your life be like if even just a handful of the above ideas became permanently programmed into your own mind? It is up to you to give yourself new messages, new actions and a new reality.

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