Shifting to a Fifth-Dimensional Reality Thread

by DL Zeta -

Energies and light transmissions have been “amped up” in recent times, thinning the veils between dimensions and making it easier than ever before to make the shift to fifth-dimensional consciousness.

Some lightworkers have found themselves paradoxically during this time re-treading old scenarios. At times it may have seemed they were more enmeshed in third-dimensional experiences than in past times.

This seeming re-treading of old energies is designed to help many bring completion to old scenarios that have bound them to past wounds. 

During this time it is good to stand back from whatever has been going on and examine how this may be the “graduation exam” for situations from the past.

It is now, during this time that each person has the opportunity to see what they intended to learn by creating these situations from the past. 

Once understanding is gained, it is time to shift one’s focus and attention to realities aligned with the new time on Planet Earth.

Parallel Realities and Shifting Focus Threads

All potential realities run parallel, spinning off the essence of each person’s core energies. In order to shift from experiencing one reality thread to another, all one needs to do is move their focus from one reality thread to another. 

A focus shift is best undertaken gradually with the intention to bring a loving conclusion to the current reality thread

This means being prepared to move through that completion with grace. 

All that is required in making a reality shift is to make sure one’s motivations are the highest and best for all and without negative feeling for the reality being de-magnetized.

If you leave a reality thread with unresolved emotions, you'll find it necessary at some point to return to it -- or one energetically compatible with it -- to bring about completion in the future.

Once you begin to “tune into” a new reality thread, you will download information and guidance needed to exist along this new continuum. 

It is not necessary to know a great deal about a new reality thread you are guided to; all that is needed is a love for where you have been and a love for the unknown space you're traveling into. Beyond this, the universe brings all that’s needed.

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