Journey From One To Oneness

by Pippa King -

We are all on an inner journey into oneness. 

As we move through life the qualities that everyone seems to be searching for are usually the same:
  • Inner peace
  • Freedom
  • Security
  • Acceptance
  • Happiness
  • Love
  • Success
  • Abundance
  • Joy
  • Fulfillment
Whichever ones of these resonate most deeply with you will be the things that you aspire to create and enjoy in your life and they are all the essence of oneness.

 So, if we are all searching for and creating these qualities in our life experiences, why do we so often feel that it is a journey on our own? Or that these things are outside of us or our reach?

“All differences in this world are of degree and not of kind because oneness is the secret of everything.” --Swami Vivekananda

As a therapist and coach I see every client that comes to me as a individual spark of love, light and oneness, because I know that in essence everyone already has all these qualities within them and it is my job and honour to assist them in recognising that and reconnecting with those qualities within themselves and bringing them into their reality.

Yes, the journey into oneness is an inner journey that we each experience within ourselves but it is also a shared journey of humanity.

In these changing times there is more freedom in the world than before, freedom of information, freedom to be whoever and however you choose to be, more freedom for human and animal rights.

There is more peace on the planet than there has been for many centuries.

There are many healing modalities available to everyone and it is possible to stand up proudly for your beliefs, choices and talents without being punished or judged.

 We may have a way to go, as there are still many areas of the planet yet to experience these changes, but it is changing.

The vibration of the planet is transitioning from one to oneness and these shifts are being felt on the individual and on the larger scale. 

 As we all realize that we are all searching for the same things and share the same fears and worries, it unites us to open up, share and support each other. And in that sharing each person realises at a deeper level that they are not alone.

The internet and ease of travel has made the world seem smaller and allowed people to unite, connect and share more easily than ever before. 

The realization that living a balanced life and practising relaxation techniques can have a huge impact on health is now being recognised and backed up with scientific research.

On this journey towards more oneness it can be helpful to expand our thinking beyond ourselves to all of humanity and the planet and in this way we assist everyone and ourselves at deeper levels.
  •  If you practise daily gratitude for all the positive things in your life, try having gratitude for those qualities for the whole world.
  •  If you practise manifesting, instead of imagining yourself with lots of money, peace, home etc, try imaging the whole world with all the joy, happiness, security and abundance you could possibly imagine. 
When we extend our thoughts, energy and intentions beyond ourselves we are assisting ourselves and each other much more deeply and shifting our focus from one of separation to oneness and within that oneness are the keys to the life that we are all searching for.

About Author:  Pippa King - Theta DNA Healing Trainer, Hypnotherapist (B.A.Th.H (Hons), NLP and Reiki Master, PTSD specialist, EFT practitioner (AAMET), Motivational Life Coach, Access Bars Facilitator and Co-creator of 9D Clearing. Rediscover your inner resources to release the past, balance the present and create a bright future. Pippa offers certified healing courses, well-being holiday's and life changing healing and therapy sessions internationally via skype.

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