Would You Like to Do Less and Attract More?

by Lynn A Robinson -

Have you been feeling TOO BUSY? Me too!

This past year was filled with a book promotion, selling our house of 20 years, moving to a new home and community, my dad’s death and my mom’s Alzheimers to name just a few things…

My own inner guidance kept telling me to SLOW DOWN. 

My logical mind kept countering with a “to do” list a mile long. All of which I was convinced I had to do in order to keep my business afloat and life running smoothly. But, that still, inner voice was persistent.
  • Slow down…
  • Take care of yourself…
  • Everything will work out…
  • Life can be easier…
  • Take it easy…
On and on went the whispers. Now, you’d think that because I write about intuition, teach it and guide others with it, that I’d pay attention immeditately. But, no! Call me a slow learner! It took migraines and insomnia for me to begin to listen.

I was used to being an action taker!

However, that drive to succeed at any cost was increasingly diminished. I kept hearing the whispers of my soul telling me that there was another way.

My own inner wisdom was telling me to employ the techniques of meditation, envisioning and feeling what I wanted to create.

My guides informed me that there were a myriad of helpers in the unseen world ready to step in to make my dreams manifest. 

I just had to relax and allow it.

After meditating one morning, I started thinking about the fact that we have so few occasions built into our contemporary lives where slowing down and reflecting occurs.

Yet this is where restorative, spiritual change and inner guidance frequently take place. This sort of time used to be very common. It just naturally happened in the spaces between the events of our lives. 

We would stroll or ride a bike to work or school. Our lunch hours included both nourishment for our body and a leisurely walk for our souls; a bit of quiet in the middle of the day.

There were tranquil moments waiting for the pot to boil, the rain to stop, the casserole to bake in the oven. But it no longer happens as frequently or as easily as we all long for. 

“It” is the natural rhythm of life.

Have you found yourself getting so caught up in the frustrations of your job, driving your kids to their various after-school programs, making meals, struggling with life, that you forget to ask yourself, “What’s my true purpose here?”

Perhaps you’re afraid to ask yourself that question. Dr. Richard D. Dobbins stated it this way: “Until the pain of remaining the same hurts more than the pain of change, most people prefer to remain the same.”

When will you begin tuning into your own soul and listening to its wisdom?

Do you get so caught up in the busy-ness of your life that you neglect to give yourself permission for emotional, physical and spiritual renewal?

It’s during those times that you remember what is meaningful. John Wanamaker wrote, “People who cannot find time for recreation are obliged sooner or later to find time for illness.” (Like migraines and insomnia.)

It’s much more pleasant to take the time to nurture yourself when you’re physically and emotionally healthy.

Begin to create a pace that feels good to you, that feels like life is flowing for you, not hectic and out of control.

If you are peaceful and choose to live your life with balance, your life will be peaceful.

When you constantly feel tired, cranky and out of sorts, your inner guidance is working over-time to catch your attention. It’s saying, “Warning! Your life is seriously out of balance!” 

The Universe is providing the course correction for you by cautioning that the path you’re on is leading to energy depletion.

You can’t do it all. Let that be okay. 

You’re only human, along with the rest of us!

Your task is to recognize when your life is out of balance, and as quickly as possible to do what you can to nurture yourself and restore flow and ease.

How long do you want to wait to start living “the good life?” Your Wise Inner Being will constantly point to the path that will lead you there.

When you take care of yourself and take time to do what you love, you are in balance.

There is time and space for you to once again feel and appreciate the fullness and richness of your life. Allow yourself time for prayer and meditation.

It is the one thing you can do that allows you to experience the All-That-Is that is God. 

It is the way to gain access to all the possible resources of healing guidance for your mind, body and spirit. And…you may just discover, as I did, that you can do less and attract so much more with ease.

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