Quantum Physics and the Law of Attraction

by Marie C. Barrett - 

Do you really want to learn the principles of Quantum Physics or understand quantum theory?

In connection to how we attract what we experience, it may be a good idea to have some basic understanding of the relationship between the Law of Attraction and Quantum Physics.

While we may not be interested in calculating the math, we can certainly apply the principles that scientists have discovered that form the building blocks of the universe. 

It is the implications of quantum mechanics for creating the life of our dreams that interests us here. How we use the Law of Attraction is now backed up by the latest discoveries of Quantum Physics.

The universe is vibrating energy, fluid and always changing. 

It holds the potential energy to form into any kind of creation.

Our quest is to learn how to harness this unformed potential energy to create what we desire in our life. 

The Law of Attraction is our tool par excellence for molding unformed energy into whatever reality we believe is possible.

Scientists openly recognize the spiritual, non-physical aspect and origin of this universal creative energy. This Source Energy is all that is and all that can ever be. Everything is potential energy, moving in and out of specific manifestation, creating different realities of experience. 

It is Source Energy creating experience in ever more diverse ways, creating, evolving, re-creating, beginning and ending in the most magnificent way.

As above, so below, as the saying goes, and put in simple terms, Source Energy creates through establishing a spiritual, divine design matrix and through the Law of Attraction, this matrix or inner thought attracts energy that forms according to this template. 

Thought then actually harnesses energy in such a way that it manifests as a new reality. 

We too, as extensions of Source Energy, who Jesus refers to as "my Father in heaven", create in exactly the same way. 

We create what we think about, what we resonate with at an energetic level. This is precisely the Law of Attraction in action, the science of possibility creation.

The Law of Attraction helps us transform the energy of our thoughts and beliefs into our new reality as we mold, manipulate and form potential energy. 

This is how we create our experience of the universe. 

From the sea of fluid, dynamic potential Source Energy, we, through our thoughts, transform this energy into new manifestations of our reality.

We do this, whether we are aware of it or not. But now that we are aware of the process of how the Law of Attraction works, we can set about deliberately creating our experiences and realities, and create the life we want to experience.

Rather than allowing life to happen to us, individually and collectively, we can now choose our own reality and create a more productive, empowering and wonderful life in our shared reality for everyone on the entire planet. 

This is not just pie in the sky, it is absolutely possible, based on sound scientific and spiritual principles. As more and more people realize they create their experiences through their thoughts and their energetic resonance, the future looks wonderful for our world.

Already we look into the heavens at night and believe we will travel beyond the stars some day soon. 

As this thought receives more energy from humanity, that energetic resonance will reach critical mass and we will have moved into our future of space capability, time travel and so much more.

You can turn your personal dreams into reality. 

This is what holistic wealth is all about. You can create love, health, prosperity, money and whatever dreams you dare to dream. 

All you need is the courage to dream, the will to ask and the determination to achieve and the joy to allow your dreams to manifest for you in the most delightful way.

In further articles, we will discuss ways of actually implementing the Law of Attraction to create what we want, but as a start, we have established the connection between the principles of quantum physics and the universal Law of Attraction.

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