5 Simple Steps to Cultivate Consciousness

by Andrea Hess-

I am often asked what we can do to advance spiritually. But our Soul growth is not connected to what we do, but how we do it! The great enemy of spiritual growth is unconsciousness. 

Unconsciously, we merely react to our environment. By practicing conscious awareness, we are able to make the powerful choices that align with our highest good. 

Here are five simple habits to cultivate your consciousness:

1. Breathe.

It seems like such a simple thing, but nothing anchors us into the present more than a nice, deep breath. A breath can stop a frenzied thought pattern, and can create calm within a storm of emotion.

A conscious breath gives us an extended moment, a chance to make a choice or take action from a perspective of peace and centeredness.

2. Set your intentions. 

The 30 seconds after you silence your alarm clock is an excellent time to decide on how you would like your day to unfold. What we do is not nearly important as the underlying intentions that accompany our actions.

Who are you going to strive to be as you go about your business today? Is there something you'd like to master today? Is there a challenge you'd like to overcome? Is there something you'd like to remember to enjoy?

3. Ask for assistance. 

We are given so many spiritual resources, ready to support us and intercede on our behalf. All we have to do is ask!

Don't just pray on behalf of others - include yourself in your prayers. You will find that the act of asking for assistance crystallizes your intentions and brings a high degree of consciousness to the pursuit of your goals.

4. Send blessings. 

Did someone cut you off in traffic? Send them a blessing. Did you see an unhappy person today? Send them a blessing. Send blessings to those you love and to those that are challenging you.

Bless all your life circumstances, including the ones you'd like to change. A blessing acknowledges that all your experiences are an opportunity for growth and evolution. You'll be amazed at how powerfully your blessings can transform your life.

5. Open and receive. 

Many of us are so intent on service and giving. Remember, however, that whenever you receive, someone else has the opportunity to give.

Allow others to bless you with their gifts, just as you bless them with yours.

(c) by Andrea Hess - Intuitive Readings, Intuitive Life Coaching/Classes, Soul Realignment™/Practitioner Training