Developing Positive Personal Power

by Suzanne Zoglio, PhD -

We all know it when we see it in others. 

A woman walks into a room radiating warmth, strength and a positive energy. We are drawn to her, although she does nothing to draw attention to herself. We are as curious about her as she seems to be about others. 

She is engaging but not dominating; joyous without pretension. She reflects a generosity of spirit that accompanies a grateful heart. She is comfortable in her own skin; she is a vessel of personal power.

We also know it when we feel it ourselves. 

The mornings when we awaken with an inner knowing that all is well. Either life is proceeding exactly as we wish, or we know that we can handle whatever life dishes out. The moments when we are tempted to prove we are right, but veer onto a course of simply sharing our truth and accepting that others may not see things through the same lens. 

The crossroads where we choose to pursue an uncertain path of growth and passion instead of taking the more familiar one of comfort and perceived security. 

The opportunities to serve that we embrace, although others might see us as foolish and in need of some coaching in how to be more self-serving. We feel calm, focused, confident and fully engaged.

We recognize it; we experience it. How do we develop more of it? 

Perhaps the process is more of an unveiling than of an acquisition. By it’s very definition, personal power comes from within. 

What it is Not:
  • It is not a “role” or legitimate power bestowed upon us by others when we assume a certain position – Department Manager, CEO or even Head of the Household. 
  • It is not “cultural” power that we assume at birth or ritually earn – Prince Charles, a Philly gang leader or the first-born son of a Chinese couple. 
  • It is not “affiliate” power of knowing and networking with the right people within the right circle. 
  • It is not even “intellectual” power, because a genius is labeled such by others.
Personal power comes from the inside out and therefore need not be given, earned, learned or bestowed upon us. 

It simply must be revealed. 

Like a brilliant diamond residing within a lump of coal, our personal power needs only to be released. 

Through prayer and meditation, we can buff away the fears that make us weak, defensive and self-centered. By embracing life’s joys and practicing rituals of gratitude, we soon glow with contentment. 

If we commit to using our gifts in the service of others, all of our facets seem to catch the light. We do not need to prove how smart, important or talented we are. We simply know it. And others see it. 

Fearless, joyful and making a difference, our personal power surfaces.

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