Instrumental Lines of Light

by Julie Redstone -


There are many levels of connection between human beings, some of the heart, some of the mind, some on the plane of physical action. All are valid in their own right. All are useful ways of drawing the human family closer together. Nevertheless, the spiritual connections between people are those that penetrate the deepest, for they affect the deeper levels of consciousness which are the beliefs and principles by which men live.

Spiritual connections exist on multiple levels. 

On one level, they represent the conscious awareness of affinity, unity or resonance that people may have with one another. On another level, they represent the knowledge and awareness of the soul that exists in oneness with all other souls and with the rest of life. 

 On still another level, these connections are represented by lines of energy that connect people, both consciously and unconsciously.

Unconscious energetic connections fill much of the emotional and karmic world that humanity has lived in, some positive, some negative, most mixed. These energetic connections are part of each soul's history with others. They are story lines representing the threads that connect us to those with whom we have been connected in the past.

Light connections between people are different. 

They can take place between strangers. They arise not out of historical connection but out of alignment with light and out of the heart's intention. They unite individuals within the wholeness of light which includes both the physical dimension of its expression and the higher dimensions as well.

This wholeness of light is transformative. 

As it merges the upper planes with the lower, it brings through energetic frequencies that correspond to qualities of awareness – such things as greater love, a greater longing to serve, a desire for purity and truth, and a sense of the sacred and holy. These are qualities of consciousness that are properties of the light itself.

When we sit together in light with the intention to join with the higher realms and with each other, the flow of light begins to penetrate the physical realm strongly through each person's conscious intention to connect and through each one's desire to become an instrument for that flow. 

As a result, there are many points of light that begin to shine more brightly on the Earth, each acting as a conduit and transmitter of energies of wholeness to all other points.

It is this intentional network that establishes 'lines of light' upon the planet. 

It is the desire of the heart to open and participate in this network that makes it possible for even the most 'ordinary' person to do so. For whatever the nature of one's past history, and whatever one's self-perception or sense of identity – these factors may recede into the background when the conscious desire to help the Earth is present and when the desire to form connections of light is also active.

Many who lead a spiritual life have come to understand the principle that 'energy follows thought'. As we sit together to meditate and pray, our thoughts merge and our desires to love and help the planet and each other become a great stream of healing energy.

 This stream intersects with every point of consciousness that seeks to join with the rest. 

It reverberates not only upon the Earth, but in the heavens as well, for the wholeness of light does not permit separation between one level and another. Therefore, when we sit and expand the light on the Earth, we affect other dimensions as well. 

These dimensions are benefited from our collective experience.

There is no one on Earth who is too unredeemable to receive the blessings of light. There is no one who must be excluded. It is solely a matter of the heart's asking and of the mind and body being willing to share and to receive. 

This willingness establishes the capacity to take part in the vast infusion of light that is presently healing and transforming the Earth.

Those who consciously seek to assist with this process are the shepherds on the physical plane of this transformation – a transformation that has widespread effects. 

First, through the strengthening of the light connections, the Earth itself is brought into a state of greater wholeness, enabling the acceleration of a self-healing process that is of benefit to all forms of life. 

Secondly, through the extension and strengthening of the light connections between us, we affect the consciousness not only of those participating in the meditative experience, but also of the rest of humanity.

For this reason, as we sit together, we are participating in a significant spiritual event. This event has the power to transform, not only through our own simultaneous efforts but by the joining of these with the entire spiritual universe that supports the Earth's transition into light and the establishment within the heavens of a new and sacred planet!