Your Energy Field and Flow

by Donna May -

We are alive because life force energy circulates around and through all living things. We live and breathe in a vast ocean of invisible energy.

This unseen energy that supplies life has many names. For some, it is chi or ki. To others, it is prana, mana, light, source energy, divine energy, odic force, bio cosmic energy, biofield, universal energy field or universal life force energy.

Some of the terms sound very scientific, while others terms denote our connection to Spirit, Source or the Divine.

It may seem mysterious or mystical to speak of an invisible all-pervading energy and yet, we can't see radio waves or microwaves, sound waves or gravity but we experience their effects and measure their results.


A magnetometer can measure the electromagnetic field of the earth, electric wires and the human body. Kirlian photography can capture on film a picture of the energy field or aura that surrounds the physical body.

Acclaimed scientist, lecturer and professor, Dr. Valerie V. Hunt has scientifically verified the human energy field or the human aura which surrounds the entire human body.

Dr. Hunt has found that:
"The energy fields correlate directly with pain, emotional and physical experiences and conditions of health and that these frequency variations can be measured and graphically displayed."


The human energy field extends around the body and gets finer as it blends into the vast Universal Energy Field.

At this level, we are all connected. Where one individual's energy ends and another begins might be difficult to discern. The energy becomes more concentrated closer to the body.


It appears that the energy of the Universe penetrates the body and is circulated through energy centers or chakras through pathways or meridians that control the energy and direct it to certain areas of the body.

This life force energy flows through the body providing sustenance to every cell, tissue and organ in the body.

The body requires a free flow of this life-giving energy. Sometimes however, blocks in the flow occur. Over time the various parts of the body are affected by this disruption and dis-ease is the result.

The word disease means 'lack of ease.' The life force energy is not flowing in an easy free flowing way so the tissues fail to thrive.


Complementary, integrative therapies such as Chiropractic, Reiki, acupuncture, reflexology, polarity, Therapeutic Touch, Yuen Method and others restore balance to the body by promoting a free flow of the energy as blocked energy is released.

The body can then function properly as it was intended.

All therapies including traditional western medicine treatments are attempting to realign the body so that the body can heal itself.


It is believed that stress and uncomfortable thoughts and feelings cause a disruption in the energy flow. When we are experiencing emotions and feelings that feel good, we are allowing the free flow of energy.

Our uncomfortable emotions are signals that we need to change our focus or our behavior so we can again connect with our natural state ranging from peace to ecstasy.

This range permits a free flow of the energy. Health is often the result.


Some believe that this universal, life force energy is spiritual and the soul is a part of this vast ocean of spiritual energy.
"Spirituality is an indestructible and unchangeable essence pervading all space, the particles of which are souls." --Alfred W. Lawson

Our job in creating the health of the body, is to align our thinking with our soul or as Gary Zukav says in Seat of the Soul, align the personality with the "authentic self."

The soul is always pure. It is the ego or false personality self that experiences uncomfortable thoughts and emotions.

These patterns need to be observed, felt and released so we can experience the realignment with the spiritual part of us.

Being spiritual means connecting with qualities of kindness, forgiveness, compassion and love.


Some call this spiritual essence the energy of love. Each soul is an essence of love. That is the true nature of the individual soul.

We are most connected to our source energy when we are feeling love, inspiration, joy and appreciation.

"The day will come when, after harnessing space, the winds, the tides and gravitation, we shall harness for god the energies of love... And on that day, for the second time in the history of the world, we shall have discovered fire!" --Pierre Teilhard de Chardin