The Infinite Reaches of Consciousness

by John Otis and Cheryl Hyland -
Multi-Dimensional Existence:

There has never been a time on planet Earth when there has been so much energy astir, when there has been so much activity and focus on the awakening and transformation of consciousness.

This is a time when such an awakening is being stimulated and generated throughout all cultures, all physical and local environments throughout the entire planet. 

In the past there have been times when certain cultures and certain aspects of our physical world were introduced to and awakened to certain linkages that brought the infinite statement of the universe and the multiple dimensions of the universe into focus and alignment with earthly activities. 

Within certain cultures, there was an awareness of this connection to that which is beyond the earthly sphere; but this is a time when the awakening to such multi dimensional existence is not just a singular or localized condition but is permeating and is activated in all aspects, in all cultures, in all environments of our earth.


This should give an indication to one who is observing and is sensitive to what is going on not only within oneself, but within others and within the entire earthly environment, an indication of not only the dynamics and the flow of energy into a dimensional shift pattern; but also the importance and the focus of the energy that is flowing into and through and emanating from the consciousness of Earth. 

 There is much that is being given, much contact that is being made and much that is being revealed that correlates all of this activity.

It is important to be awake, to be aware, and to integrate what is observed not into a limited reactive response based upon the no longer valid paradigms of earthly existence, but to look at all events and conditions from the perspective of connectedness, the perspective of being keys to the opening of the doorway to inner awareness.


This is not a time to be of limited perception.

This is a time to be of extended perception, going beyond that which is observed, looking not at the trees in the forest but looking between the trees and seeing what is beyond and what the composition of this entire forest of universal consciousness is. 

This is a time to look into the eyes of each soul you meet and see not the physical, not the outer raiment of clothing and cosmetic adjustments, but to look into and through all of the outer shell into the beauty and the truth and the magnificence of the soul that is within that outer casement.


This is a time to see beyond the physical, to see beyond that which has entrapped and ensnared the consciousness for eons of time. The soul is being set free. 

 This is not from an externalized, enforced condition but it is from an internalized realization that the old manners of behavior, the old reactive conditions of existence, the old ways of looking at the mental, emotional, and physical nature of one’s existence are no longer valid.

That has served a purpose. It has provided the stage upon which the play has been enacted. It is time now to go behind the scenes and to know where one stands in the realm of universal consciousness.


It is time to exit the building of the limited consciousness of the soul. It is time to turn in the remaining tickets on the revolving train of life experience.

Those tickets are no longer needed, for it is a time when one moves on and into new methods of transportation, for the soul is free. 

The soul is not bound by the limited earthly thinking and form. The substance of the soul is eternal. The soul transcends all dimensions. The soul is One with all dimensions. The soul is the vehicle of consciousness of the One.


You see what is being offered?

The awareness that is coming to the surface, that is coming into the consciousness of the soul, the awareness that is correlating the multitude of impressions and activities of awakening that are taking place throughout the earth, this consciousness of these events is being seen as a flow of the singular universal consciousness that emanates from the soul. 

One can only see and know what one sees and knows from within.

So all that is occurring is a statement of the awakening to the infinite statement of consciousness that is taking place within the soul.

It is not awakening to something new or different. It is simply remembering who you have always been but have forgotten.

Isn’t that refreshing? Isn’t that revealing of the unity and connectedness of all existence? Isn’t that a freedom that has been searched for through earthly detours for many lifetimes?


Know this consciousness of the soul that you are. Know the connectedness and the unity with all things. There are no limitations.

You do not have to stop along the way in the fourth, fifth, or sixth or any other dimensional relationships. You have the fullness of the consciousness of the continuum of all so called dimensions within your awareness at this very moment.


The potential for going directly to and fully integrating with and merging totally with the One, is available at this very moment.

It is like putting an ice cube in a pan on the stove. The ice cube is hard rock; it’s solid. It is three dimensional. 

 It is what it is, but as there is a generation of energy and as there is an application of transformation, the ice begins to crystallize.

It begins to fracture. It begins to separate into its inherent inner composition that is no longer solid, but is fluid. It flows and it fills the vessel. 

As more energy is applied and as there is a connection with the infinite energy source that is stimulating the transformation, that which is fluid evaporates and merges with the one environment of which it is the part. It discovers a unity of existence with all.


So it is with the consciousness of the soul as the energy of transformation, the energy of awakening and moving into and through all dimensional existence is offered, the consciousness of the soul is transformed into the pure essence of consciousness. 

The soul realizes and knows its unity with all expressions of creation. This transformation in consciousness is what is occurring at this very moment in your earthly sphere.


See through all of the phenomena.

See through all of the events and activation of this transformation and know that there is a singular path that is available, that is the potential that will eventually be the realization of all souls that is available right now for merging with, blending with, consciously uniting with the One.

Awaken to your true self.


Let the wind blow where it may. The wind does not stop at the first tree nor at the second. It moves, it absorbs, it caresses.

It has no boundaries; it has no limitations. It flows in and around all. It knows and sees and is part of all. Let the expansion and the awakening of your consciousness as an infinite statement of creation be like the wind. 

Your soul is the wind in motion, for your soul has no boundaries, it has not limitations. It has no physicality; it has no barriers to understanding.

As you let the mind fall away, you let the emotions and the outer observations fall away, you simply know the truth of who you are and you flow like the wind into the infinite reaches of consciousness. 

Let it be for so it is. I AM the Love, the Light and the Life of the universe!