Releasing Hang-Ups

by Joanna Cherry - 

This amazing time of change defies description. 

We've never known anything like it before. The earth is ascending, as are we, to higher frequencies never before experienced on such a broad scale on this planet.

These changes can affect our bodies radically, making us tired, dizzy, unable to think clearly and any number of other symptoms.

Our ability to release our old, outworn programs and welcome the new is also our ability to make these transitions as smooth as possible, not only for us but for all of life.

We release what is not our real self: 
  • mental-emotional causes of fear/terror, 
  • anger/resentment/rage, 
  • abusing/accepting abuse, 
  • guilt, 
  • grief, 
  • jealousy, 
  • judgment, 
  • emotional addiction, 
  • substance addiction, 
  • resignation, 
  • lifelessness, 
  • boredom, 
  • limited thinking--
  • all the machinations of ego. 

There are myriads of ways to do this releasing; here's a couple:
1. Genetic Chain Busting

Can you imagine inheriting only positive tendencies from your parents, grandparents and great grandparents? Is any person so fortunate?

A difficult genetic trait is usually one of the most difficult things to overcome: not only have we known it since birth, we see it in people we grow up with. (An adopted person may actually have an advantage regarding inherited genetics. ) 
Breaking the genetic chain means clearing yourself of undesired genetics or traits, you have received from your family. 
These may include a tendency toward a particular disease, alcoholism or other addiction, abuse patterns, obesity, etc.  
You can literally alter your own genetics, because a detrimental condition can exist only within slow frequencies and you are quickening your frequencies here. 
In the mysterious ways of time as illusion, everything being here/now, you are also clearing your ancestors as much as they allow. 
2. Clearing Exercise

Go into a meditative space, calling your divine Presence, guides or masters you work with and (if you like) Archangel Michael, who is particularly helpful in this kind of exercise. 
First of all, thank and bless your parents (if you can) for bringing you into the world and for doing the very best they knew in raising you or giving you to someone else to raise. 
Forgive them if you can for any difficult things you have inherited. 
Set your intent, such as: 
"I intend to now free myself from all unwanted genetics from my entire ancestral line!" or, "I intend to now free myself from family susceptibility to cancer, and be perfectly healthy for my entire life. " 
Place a sword of light in your hand, with Michael's blue flame and sword joining yours. Find the passion in your heart to be truly free of all that would pull you down. 
Holding this passion, raise the sword above your head on a big in-breath, and then bring it down suddenly to the floor with a great Whoosh! of out-breath. Really mean it! Feel and see all being released!
Check yourself. How do you feel? 

Is doing it again appropriate? If so, do it as much as three or four times with great passion and then let it rest.

If you feel you need to do more, do it again in perhaps a week and repeat as it feels appropriate. In your meditation, build on this work with positive affirmations of how life now is for you.