Abundance From Within

by Laura V. Grace - 

Autumn is rich with brilliant color and reflects the beauty and abundance of our spirit. Abundance comes not from without, but from within. Its presence is sparked from the recognition that we are already rich – rich in spirit. We have so much to be grateful for and as we recognize that there is a Law of Good that governs our affairs, we release thoughts of doubt, fear or uncertainty and accept the good that is here and now. Let us not be deceived by appearances, nor be tempted to succumb to the false belief that we live in a world that is driven by lack, limitation and scarcity. We live in an abundant Universe that supplies an inexhaustible supply of love, resources and energy.

In her book Dare to Prosper, Catherine Ponder shares, “A reader of mine once wrote: ‘I don’t believe in recessions. I watched my mother become rich during the depression of the 1930s when she dwelled upon ‘the rich substance of the universe’ instead of dwelling upon appearances of financial limitation. 

Instead of fretting about recession, depression, inflation or the high cost of living, dwell on ‘divine substance.’” When you dare to declare daily that divine substance is the one and only reality in your life, you are well on the way to solving your own ills as well as helping to solve the ills of humanity.

Genuine abundance and prosperity emanates from the love inside of us, that infinite wellspring where our fulfillment and peace of mind exists; the source of love within us where our genuine inspiration lives; the channel that allows our creativity to burst forth and our love to pour outward. 

Diane Berke, author of The Gentle Smile: Practicing Oneness in Everyday Life, states, “Giving and receiving are complementary aspects of a single movement, a single process, like breathing in and breathing out.”

Buddhists believe that being compassionately generous to all people is the basis for living a genuine and fulfilling spiritual life. In this same spirit of wisdom, the Buddhist teachings remind us that all of our suffering occurs from having an attachment to something outside ourselves. 

These “somethings” are what keep us on the “wheel of suffering,” the merry-go-round of external attachments that all human beings must come to terms with during their evolutionary journey. As we practice giving, we are reminded that we need nothing outside ourselves, that everything we will ever need is already within. 

 Some practical ways to experience abundant blessings in your life include:


1. Increase your willingness to give. A Course in Miracles teaches us, “Give a little more than you think you can, a little more than you feel comfortable with.” The key here, is “a little more.” Throughout each day we have numerous opportunities to give and we grow in abundance as we act on those opportunities. Just a little stretch is all that’s required in order for us to experience a sense of true giving.

2. Keep your intentions pure. Remember that you are always the giver and receiver. Most people unconsciously give to get something in return: appreciation, recognition, payment, etc. Be willing to give to others in a way that you would want to be given to. Before you give, ask yourself, “What am I doing this for?” If the answer is, “Because I want to give, just to give and I expect nothing in return,” and you mean it, then trust that your intention is pure of heart.

3. Practice receiving with graciousness. So many times, we discount compliments or refuse to receive what another wants to give. Low self-worth convinces us we don’t deserve the compliment or gift or distrust tells us that if we receive something, we’ll be obligated. It’s important to remember that you cannot truly give if you’re unwilling to receive, for they compliment each other like a hand and glove. All of us are connected with every living thing and our interdependence is the sacred web of life we exist within.

4. Give in those situations where you feel the most lack. In what area of your life do you feel the most scarcity? For some it’s money, recognition or approval, for others it’s time and still for others it is love, affection or companionship. Determine where you feel the greatest lack then allow it to come fully into your awareness. These areas are your greatest opportunities for practicing abundance because the place you most need to give is the area in which you are feeling the most lack. The initial reaction, of course, is to grab on even harder and faster, but that will only take you further into the quicksand of emptiness. 

Ask Spirit for guidance, then be willing to give. The results are truly miraculous. As you begin giving in situations where you once felt lack, your giving will fill you up until there’s no more room for anything but a sense of completion and abundance. Be gentle with yourself and validate yourself for reaching out instead of pulling back.

You were born to live a life that creates and represents your own unique masterpiece. Abundance and prosperity are your birthright. As you gently practice giving from your heart, day-by-day, hour-by-hour and moment-by-moment, you will one day look back with no regrets, but with a heart overflowing with love, appreciation and gratitude. May you experience the richness of your own spirit and extend it to everyone you encounter.