The Presence of Love

by Gloria Wendroff -

It is enough to be in the presence of love. Love does not have to be personally given to you. You do not have to have more love than someone else.

You do not have to have the love of one particular person. No one's love belongs to you anyway. Love is for everyone. Be secure in love. You do not have to have greater love as proof that you are love-worthy. You are love-worthy now.

No more either are you to choose where your love is directed nor are you to choose where anyone's love is directed. You are not to bind love. Why do you think you need more anyway? Do you not have all of Mine?

Why would you give less love than what I have given you? And why would you demand more love from anyone? Love cannot be commanded nor demanded.

If someone does not love enough, then you, beloved, I ask that you give love enough for two. If no one else in the world gives love, then I ask that you give love enough for everyone in the world.

Never are you to stint on love, nor are you to count it. Love is to be given, not accounted for. Who are you? You are one who loves.
Patient ocean waves lap against huge rocks. Rocks cannot withstand waves forever. Let your love be like ocean waves with infinite patience. It is not even patience.

The waves do what they do without thought of outcome so patience does not enter in. Let your love go out in waves without thought. Your love comes from the Mighty Ocean and will never run dry.

Giving love everywhere is not effort. Love is or it isn't and I tell you it is. You are not faking love. You are not making a big show of it.

You are simply allowing the love in your heart to go out, and in that process, love refurbishes itself. No heart is empty. Your heart is full of love, yet love is not to be crammed.

Love is to be given, and you are to give it. Don't make it hard to give love. Just give it. Do not keep your love within. Love is to go out. Do not stop love midstream. Do not stop love at all.

Be glad that you are one who can give love. Be glad that you are one who can receive love. Be glad you are one who can see love. You see love in action. Love moves.

It is encompassing. Love is a world traveler. It cannot stay still. It must always be given. Love does not have to be sought. Like the sun, it is simply there.

You do not have to mine for the gold of love. It is right out there for you. It is yours to pluck at will and it is yours to give at will. But receiving love is not like picking raspberries where you pick one berry at a time.

Love is all at once. Love is valiant, and it is all-embracing. There is no possibility of the source of love running dry. The only possibility for love is of abundance.

Love is not new, nor is it old. Love is attribute-less. Love is like Me, eternal, universally for all. Love is a legacy. It is not a pittance. Never more will there be a dearth of love on the Earth. Love is taking over the world, once and for all.