How to Have Profound Intuitive Guidance, Joy and Limitlessness

by Shirley Anne Knapp - 

Our planet seems to be in a bit more in turmoil than usual with a fog of fear surrounding us. We need to understand that this fog is an illusion partially created by the energies of our own planet as well as outside influences from other dimensions. 

We are greatly affected by other dimensions and we can see this in the planetary shifts much like the one we experienced with the powerful Harmonic Concordance. 

We are in a time where shifting has become a way of life for us and to most of us it feels like it has speeded up.

We are moving through time that has more light and fluid energy and continual astrological shifts. It seems as though days go by, months, years, very quickly now. 

For all of us there seems to be major movements whether they are in relationship, vocation or global community.

Releasing fear 

There is a much easier flow like the flow of the river if we continue to release fear and shift into the new dimension. 

This shifting of our fear patterns is the key to becoming light enough to shift into the next dimensions. The fear patterns of lack keep us in this dimension and very dense. 

When you release the fear patterns and open to the abundance of the universal energy, you will help fill the world with these teachings. The fear patterns are on cellular levels and come from this life and others.

We also have the cellular memory level of total love and light that is disrupted by the fear patterns and we forget who we are. It is like the radio station is not quite in tune and you hear the static. 

Fear brings the static into our lives and when we feel this, we need to clear them so that the guidance comes in more clearly. 

These intuitive messages come in more clearly when the static is removed and you can live your life through the divine guidance that is supporting you on your spiritual path to go forward in alignment. 

The more sensitive you become to the scrambling, the easier it is to release the fear patterns.

Physical manifestations of the patterns 

When we don't listen clearly to the scrambling of the fear, we will absorb it into our physical bodies and manifest discomforts and pains. It seems like nothing helps move this. 

The movement can only be done on an energetic level when you release the pattern of density and let your energy flow smoothly again. 

Light and love will pour in and you will feel everything in your life being uplifted. 

When you are feeling vulnerable in your life, strengthen yourself with drinking water, exercise, and emotional healing through loving yourself unconditionally. 

Meditation is very powerful for doing this, and you will relax your mind, which is where the fear is produced and held. 

Remember to listen to your body and allow yourself to heal through your own guidance. When you need to eat, eat, when you need to sleep, sleep and when you need to play, play. You begin to attune to your newness.

What is a light body? 

Our light bodies are the energy of who we really are. The more you release these old patterns and feel the lightness, everything around you shifts into more clarity and joy. 

This shift can only happen gradually as it is like peeling the skin of an onion. Each layer is important to take off and the next one appears for healing. It would not serve us to go any faster than we can go. 

This is an important piece as there will be others around us who say, “Just get over that pattern and get on with your life!” 

Each pattern needs to be dealt with faith and we need to go through it and not around it. If we do try and avoid it, it will only surface again in another way or time.

Shifts happen! 

Once these fear release techniques occur, our lives become more light and joy-filled. You will share these feelings with others and encourage them to release the old patterns they are carrying in their bodies. 

You will be able to have more profound intuitive guidance and feel the presence of the next dimension of truth. In essence, you begin to live the life of light, joy and limitlessness that we really are.