Make Room for Miracles

by Ann Albers -

As you learn to surrender your worries, your fears and your need to know how everything in your life must work, you release your spirit unto God and you make room for miracles to unfold in your life.

Your spirit dear ones is free. Your spirit is free to focus upon anything it wants but your human mind has a a tendency to hold on to beliefs, ideas, and patterns of thinking that limit you.

God is all that is. God is unlimited. 

God contains within his heart every soul upon your planet and those that span the cosmos. God can see solutions to your problems that you cannot possibly imagine.

God can see possibilities for your life that you wouldn't even dream about. God's solutions seem miraculous only because the human mind cannot conceive of the elegance and interconnectedness of His plan for your lives.

Give your worries and concerns to God. 

Choose to believe that God does care about your hearts, your bills, your well being but most of all dear ones that you would come to know yourself as an expression of His love here upon the earth. God's love is joyful. God's love is expansive. God's love is eternal. 

God's love does not even know words such as unworthy, impossible, or unreachable. God's love does not see death but rather transformation.

God's love does not see problems, but rather possibilities. God sees each of you, in your times of glory and in your times of struggle as perfect, whole, and complete.

Each of you is a living work of art that becomes more and more beautiful as you release the illusions that hold you bound and allow your light and your true colors to shine ever more brightly.

Give all your concerns to God, from your simplest needs to your grandest desires and trust in His love for you. He may not solve your problems or deliver your dreams in a manner you expect.

His timing may not be the timing you insist upon. And yet, His solutions for your life are lasting ones that support not only your physical well being but also the need of your spirit to know His love as part of your own hearts. 

No matter what the circumstances of your inner or outer world, you are, always have been and always will be loved, supported and cherished.