4 Simply Steps to Making Heart-Based Decisions

by Debbie Milam -


Each and every moment we are given the wonderful gift of free will to make choices. Personal choices can be as simple as choosing what to wear or what to eat.

Then there are intrapersonal choices, decisions that affect another person. 

Choices like deciding to be kind instead of right, the choice to honor the divine presence in your loved ones, the choice to choose love instead of fear.

These decisions not only have a profound effect on the other person they also deeply shape the person you are.

Finally, there are choices that affect our planet.

Choices like making wise environmental decisions that can bring the earth back into harmony and balance.

Choices like electing world leaders who value humanity and will strive to serve the greater good of all. These choices have long term ramifications and can shape our global experience.

When making difficult decisions that affect another person or the entire planet it is essential that we take time to go within and receive the clarity to make the highest choice possible. 

4 simple steps to guide your process:
1. Learn as much as you can about the issue or issues. Read as many sources as possible to get to full picture of the situation, many times the truth is somewhere in the middle. 
2. Listen to the intentions, not the fear. Much of what is portrayed to us by politicians and the media is fear-based. See beyond the illusion. 
3. Take several deep breaths and go to your higher power. Ask for guidance so the truth can be clear. Invite God to help you make a decision that will serve the greater good of all. 
4. Imagine the outcome of your choices in one day, one month, one year, five years. Then imagine the alternative choice in the same way. 
Which feels better in your heart? Which choice has the potential to raise the consciousness of humanity? Which choice can bring about peace?
What an awesome responsibility it is to have the free will to make heart-based decisions. 

The time is now to go within and discover the truth that can serve the highest good. The world is waiting for your choice, are you ready?