What Your Heart Really Wants

by Gloria Wendroff - 

Your heart is a magnet. Certainly you are aware that your heart attracts. 

Let Us pretend that there are many kinds of magnets other than iron. Let Us imagine that there are grass and flower magnets and blue sky magnets and blue and brown-eyed magnets, and that there are magnets made of plastic in one form or another.

 What are the magnets stationed in your heart? What are the proclivities of your heart? What does your heart want to attract?

Your heart may have attracted that which it really does not want, for your heart listened to your mind and the mind of the world. Your mind may have said to your beautiful heart:
"The first thing you want is fortune. You want also fame. Fame and fortune will bring you attention and friends. In school, you want to get good grades. You may actually learn something while you are at it, but it's the grades we are looking for. You want a wife who is the envy of other men. You want a successful career. That means making lots of money, of course. Heart, go after these things, and you will have all you could desire. "
Your mind and the world mind tell you these things and the heart, eager to please, goes along. Maybe you have all that your mind desired and it is nowhere near enough for your beating heart or maybe you don't have all that your mind and the world mind told you that you must have.

In either scenario, your heart is throbbing for the more your heart really wants. The outside success does not ease your heart any more than the outside appearance of unsuccess does.

Even through this time of obedience, you and your heart seek love and you find that real love, real love that eases your heart is not so easy to come by. You are not even sure that love does really exist, not for long anyway.

All this time, you have been looking for Oneness and it has been elusive-seeming to you. 

You have been in a race for love, yet love was called by other names like outer success and money in the bank.

Let Me make it clear that there is nothing wrong with outer success.

I'm saying that even the greatest amounts of wealth and fame do not bring to you all that your heart desires. It is like you have been fishing for mackerel, and what you really want is tuna.

You have been buying all the stores have to offer and chasing after that which gives you a smidgeon of happiness for only a moment.

There is more that you want, and you may not yet have found the name for it. You just know there is something more you want.

You may been consciously hunting for Me and the presentation of Me as others may see Me did not satisfy the innocent eager yearning in your heart.

Your mind has bossed your heart around. Your mind doesn't ask your heart very often about what it wants. The mind assumes and yet your heart, your beautiful throbbing heart, looks to the mind for confirmation that what it wants more of really does exist.

The heart tries something and then says to itself, "That's not it." After a long time, the mind begins to get it. The mind may say: "Well, okay, go ahead and look for something else but I don't think you're going to find it. My logic tells me that you already have all that is."

In one sense the mind is correct. You already do have all that your loyal heart has been wanting, for I have been inside your heart from the beginning and I have been blowing you kisses. 

I have been kissing your heart for you are your heart, beloveds. Your soul resides with Me in your heart. Come here and find your true heart and Me at the same time.