The Beacon Inside

by Carrie Hart - 

Deep inside you a light shines, the light that was born within you as you entered this life. This light is the beacon in the darkness, the warmth in the cold, the harbor and the refuge.

This light is yours, always there, underneath the emotions, underneath the fear and doubt, always there, shining brightly.

Take a deep breath, now. And then another and then another. 

Close your eyes and see within you the light in your center. Watch it expand. Watch it expand and expand until it fills your body completely.

As it expands, feel how it contains love and only love. Feel how that love is stronger than the fear and doubt.

Let it expand and fill you completely and then, let it expand even further out, so that you are like a lantern that casts its light far out into the night, glowing and bright, filled with love, filled with light, a bright energetic presence.

See that there is a ring of angels around you. See them shining out in a bright, white light.

They sing of love. They sing of light. They sing of the wonder of this life and send you the courage to live it and live it well.

Listen to their song. Listen as they sing of your soul's intention for you, how you yearned for this gift of life and received it, how you were given a spark of life, the same spark that shines in your center now.

How you were born and how you have been loved and treasured ever since, how helping hands have been right out before you to encourage you to take those steps toward freedom, how the angels have guarded you and protected you, even as they allowed you to live your own life your own way. 

They are there for you now, singing this song, your song, the song of your life, of all the wondrous love that is there for you, now and always, if you will allow it to shine for you, and all the guidance and wisdom that is flowing your way each and every moment of every day.

Listen to this song and choose. 

  • Choose certainty and belief over doubt. 
  • Choose courageous action over fear. 
  • Choose to go deeply into your connection with your soul, with these angels and with God, to find yourself and lift yourself into wisdom and joy.
  • Choose to shine out with all that you are, in all of your wonder, walking in deep faith like a lantern shining out for yourself and others.  
  • Choose to love and embrace this precious life and every blessing that it brings you, every moment.

Give thanks and be glad.

You are alive and it is good.