Describing Unity Consciousness

by Scott Rabalais -

The experience of unity consciousness is transcendent, beyond mind. To describe (or attempt to describe) the experience of unity consciousness with the use of conceptual language inherent in the mind is quite difficult.

It's similar to describing the feeling of falling in love or the birth of a child -- difficult to put into words, or, just the right words.

Words are labels, and labels are by their nature limiting. Just as one cannot accurately describe infinity, one cannot accurately describe unity consciousness.

The words used in the futile attempt to describe unity consciousness can, however, serve as a bridge to the experience of oneness.

No two individuals will view a oneness experience alike. 

If two persons traveled to the North Pole, one may describe the experience as an opportunity to view mammoth and beautiful glacial formations. Yet, the other may complain of the bitterly cold conditions.

It's all in the eye of the beholder, yet there may be common threads in the descriptions of those who have the beyond-mind experience.

In stark contrast to our interpretation of life in a dualistic manner, one may be struck by the inherent connectedness of all life in the oneness state. 

No longer is one separate as an individual, seeing all as outside or beyond the borders of self. Rather than being exclusive, all of life is viewed a part of one's self.

The trees, the plants, rocks, other persons, sand on the beach, space, time, thought, love — everything is you and you are everything. It is one gigantic unified relationship in the ocean of existence. It's crossing the bridge from "little ol' me" to "infinity. "

While in the dualistic state there might have been ignorance, mysteries or unanswered questions, now it all makes complete sense.

While it may seem that experiencing this infinite connectedness could be a burden on the brain, the experience itself is one of utter tranquility.

Whereas the nature of the dualistic "reality" causes an on-going tension or battle in thought, the oneness experience is a fusion of any such tension into an infinite peace.

Everything is "just fine" or "just perfect" about life. Actually, it feels beyond perfect in this infinite sea of tranquility. 

The stormy waters of life subside and there is perfect and undeniable calmness to the waters. It is true and unfathomable peace.

Inherent within the unity consciousness is a deep understanding of life as never before. While in the dualistic state there might have been ignorance, mysteries or unanswered questions, now it all makes complete sense. You KNOW, though not in an intellectual manner.

You know because you have become the experience, and it's closer to you and more a part of you than the air you breathe. It is in every cell of the body, between every cell, and then some. 

You are no longer a wandering soul, but one who is firmly entrenched in Truth, fully realized.

You are present. No longer is there is concept of time and space. There is no yesterday or tomorrow. There is no here nor there.

Any descriptions relating to time do not exist, as mental constructs are simply washed away. Even saying all is NOW fails as a description, as time ceases to exist.

One expands in appreciation through the oneness experience. 

EVERYTHING has immense value, from the atom in a grain of sand, to the little ant scurrying about, to every hair on our head, to the wind blowing in the trees, to every star in the sky. There is no value system in the sense that someone or something is more important than another. 

With all being an inherent part of infinite consciousness (often termed "God"), every aspect of existence has infinite value. 

Judgments made outside of this experience have come only from the mind of man, which but its very nature, creates hierarchical structures.

Though we have been strongly indoctrinated that activity or doing is the key to a successful and productive life, we see differently when we transcend. 

Instead, we see being as a core of, well, our being. It becomes enough to just "stand still," as a tree would stand firm on the ground, and simply exist.

Such does not imply that one would only sit in a corner and refrain from using the mind and body; what it means is that we now more fully understand that we are no longer as identified with our actions, roles and accomplishments. 

We are full and complete in just being; we no longer feel the need to become someone. There is immense value in our nature, in who we are at our very core, without moving a finger.

Perhaps the most dramatic aspect of the unity experience is that we are transformed. Though we are still the person we were before the experience, we are very different.

It is as if the old self is peeled away, and what emerges is this creature of life, love, understanding, peace and contentment. 

It is a new life that feels "closer to home" or that one has arrived. 

There is no place for fear, doubt or worry, as those are seen only as remnants of the dualistic mind. There is no sense of lack, as the universe of abundance and infinite intelligence is now at one's call.

There is only allowing, the unfolding of life in its perfect manifestation of our higher nature. You are a flower in bloom, though fully bloomed. 

Life is a magnificent paradox.

And as inspiring and uplifting as these words may sound, they doubtfully convey even a fraction of a percentage of the experience.

It's life beyond words, beyond thought, into a land beyond where our imaginations are able to travel. 

There's no way to comprehend it all with our limited minds and yet we can experience enough of it to understand that, regardless of shape, size, status or place in life, we are inherently divine.